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Descriptions by
TheBigLogoFanReturns, rj4712 and NewAccountLOL

Captures by
TheBigLogoFan2 and NewAccountLOL

Editions by
Prodigy012‎, NewAccountLOL and DannyTheMuppetMan

Video captures courtesy of
Gilby 1385 and Pablo VHS e Áudio


Vídeo Brinquedo (also known as Toyland Video and translated as Toy Video, and formerly known as VBF Produções and Spot Films) was a Brazilian animation studio, located in São Paulo; that produced direct-to-video animated films widely viewed as mockbusters of comparable films from Walt Disney PicturesPixar Animation StudiosDreamWorks Animation20th Century Studios, and Blue Sky Studios. The company was founded in 1986 to distribute animation with the intention of distribution in its home market of Brazil, as well as to other global markets: North America. After the studio went bankrupt and stopped selling movies in 2012, they moved to YouTube one year later, due to winding down operations thereafter, where they posted not only the movies and episodes they made in the past few years, but also new content made in flash animation, including a failed Peppa Pig rip-off titled Chapeuzinho Vermelho e sua Turma. Recently, the channel name was changed to Crianças Inteligentes (lit. "Clever Kids").

Spot Films

1st Logo (1989-1999)

Spot Films (1989).png

Logo: On a black background, we start off with the sea with the sun rises up (which is dawn). Then the sky changes to the cloud background as the sphere zooms out as the words zoom out as well, "SPOT" and "FILMS." The comet star draws the border rectangle around "FILMS." The sphere changes to blue.

Technique: CGI animation. Not too bad for 1989, though the animation of the letters "S", "P", "T" and "FILMS" (along with the border) seems more rushed. The words seem to appear out of thin air, as well.

Music/Sounds: A synthesized new-age sounder with a somewhat somber ending or none.

Availability: Rare, you have to be lucky to find a copy of their releases. Only in Brazil, they are common.

2nd Logo (1999-2007?)

Logo: Basically a better version of the 1989 logo. We see the sun rise up in the sky like before. The sky, now dark, is inside the sphere, moving as the same company name zooms out. The shooting star appears from the top of the screen, then draws the border around "FILMS", then flies away.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A synth fanfare, starting with a relaxing sounder when the sun rises, then three notes leading into a triumphant string finish.

Availability: See logo 1.

Vídeo Brinquedo

1st Logo (2004-20??)

Logo: On a black background, we see various letters coming in from various directions to form the stacked text "vídeo brinquedo". The URL "" slides in below, and the whole thing stretches out and slides away. The text "apresenta" appears in a similar way to the first text, then fades out.

Variant: A closing variant exists where, after the logo forms, it fades out.

Technique: Simplistic 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A soothing tune played on what sounds like a music box and a piano. It ends with an applause. The closing variant uses the ending theme of the movie.

Availability: Extremely rare. It may have appeared on older prints of the company's 2-D animated films. Both variants appeared on a German-dubbed print of The Little Cars in the Great Race.

2nd Logo (2006-2010?)

Logo: We see the text "Video Brinquedo Presents" fading in onto the opening of the film. Alternatively, "Video Brinquedo Apresenta" is shown.

Variant: The text may be translated into English as "Toyland Video". This was seen on The Little Panda Fighter.

Technique: Whatever happens in the opening scene.

Music/Sounds: The film's theme.

Availability: Seen on mockbusters by Vídeo Brinquedo. This doesn't appear on the infamous TV series, Little Princess School.

Toyland Video



Logo: On a black background, a set of multlcolored letters fall down, which spells "TOYLAND" in a bold, cartoony font. They bounce three times before they all line up at the center. When they line up, the logo shines briefly and the word "VIDEO" slides below "TOYLAND".

Technique: Simplistic 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Extremely rare. Was seen on very few English releases of Video Brinquedo's mockbusters, including Tiny Robots and Glaiformers.

Crianças Inteligentes


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