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Real nameMarcel Adadevoh Ntim
BirthdayMarch 10th
OccupationLogo Genius
About meHello. I am Marcel, the logo fan. Welcome to my profile, ladies and gents.

Plus, a big fan of the logos with my childhood favorites.

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"/* 4th Logo (October 5, 2008- ) */"
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"/* Background */"
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"/* 3rd Logo (Circle) (7 October 2006-31 December 2016) */"
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"Thanks for blocking SheepBaaLogos, because he's so annoying about the TR..."
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"You're making wrong dates and bad editing in each page!"
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posted 134 days ago

No. I never knew of that until now.

posted 135 days ago

I can't remember. I saw it on YouTube a year ago.

posted 236 days ago

Could you please stop removing content on 20th Television please? This company also produced new shows!

posted 244 days ago

The Disney+ Originals logo did appear at the beginning of Better Nate Than Ever and Hollywood Stargirl. SuperMax124 was wrong all along.

posted 287 days ago

Hey so, as a heads-up, some of us are trying a new tactic to stop Noah's vandalism by making a single change on the pages he's targeting and rapidly undoing and redoing that edit so he'll have a harder time getting his vandalous edits in. Just wanted to let you know

posted 327 days ago

Ill be your friend! :D Thanks!

posted 380 days ago

I've noticed that there are watermarks or other things on your captures for Boop Kugland and Viamar (2nd Logo) so you may want to replace those though.

posted 469 days ago

It may take a while to do though, lol. Besides I've been focusing on other logos lately besides from what I usually do

posted 481 days ago

The Supernatural episode "Monster Movie" is in B&W, but it has the closing logo combo in color.

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