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Hello there, I'm your inactive CLG Wiki user, Television Bois, or simply TVB.

Pages are getting deleted lmao

What I usually do ː/

I create pages of scary and weird logos (though I'm semi-retired from doing that), find significant logos for the community, & edit pages to make it seem better. Just letting you know, I have mediocre grammar for some reason. Therefore, it's entirely possible that my pages/edits need editing more than once. As of now, I know over 2500 Logos due to this wiki, as well as YouTube.

I started my account for this wiki on February 13, 2022 & ever since then, I have been active daily & doing a bunch of edits (including filling in descriptions for empty pages). I took a break in April 26-May 3, 2022 because of the problems happening in the world. On May 19, 2022, my Company Bumpers account is released (not really but I started editing there). My story is discontinued...

Another thing is that I am an addict to Phonk Music. I just can't get enough of it.


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Stupid stuff I put here. This includes userboxes.

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These are the pages I have majorly expanded in a few ways, which does include adding in another logo.


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25 Editsː February 19, 2022

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Featured Images

These are the featured Images in my book, which can be found on the Forum:Surprise Logo Discoveries. It also contains a backstory. National logos are logos used that is only available on the country/continent it originates. For exampleː Some of the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment logos says "Domestic/North American Variants", meaning it stays on it's country/countries. Anything outside of said country will be International. International logos are logos used that is available worldwide, with the exception of a few countries due to limitations & the company's original country. Exampleː RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video has logos available in UK, Germany, Italy, Mexico, & Japan only. There are a few expectations however. Quick note that the International logos aren't found by me in most cases. This section is sorted by the time with the template.

1st Featured Imageː
Paramount Pictures lookin-thing (USSR, 1953)

Paramount Pictures (1954, USSR).png

Backstoryː On June 14, 2022, I was basically finding random logos to capture, since it has been 12 days since I posted something very rare. I searched up "Soviet Paramount Logo" at one point, and I got a video from Mr. Gann. I was shocked about this and the bonus features. I rushed to upload the capture, and put it in the Surprised Logo Discoveries Forum and the Paramount Pictures page (which then got removed since it ain't Paramount Pictures). Shortly, it got featured.

Availabilityː It was seen on a Soviet print of Ulysses.

Editor's Noteː While the find is pretty cool, it's still loop-sided.

2nd Featured Imageː
RKO Radio Pictures (French Orange-Tinted Version, 1950)

RKO Radio Films (French Variant, 1950).png

(Couldn't find video at the moment)

Backstoryː On June 1, 2022, I was searching for random stuff like usual. At one point, I was searching for International RKO stuff because I'm a fan of doing that. I found this and noticed the orange tint, so I decided to upload that version because I thought "Why not?". Then I put it in said Forum with some Image from the category below. Then it got featured on June 17, 2022.

Availabilityː Seen on a french print of one of RKO's films.

Editor's Noteː None.

Other Favorited Images

Similar to the above. Some things are that this is at a minimum since there is so much logos I captured that can be put here at first glance, that I want to put in the best captures (old and rare international logos). More finds will be put here in the future.

1st Imageː
Paramount Pictures (Bylineless, 2003)

Paramount Pictures (Bylineless, 2003).png

Backstoryː I was looking for International DVD stuff, when I came across the Prototype Teaser Trailer of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. I watched it as mindless. Then the Paramount Pictures logo appeared, which, not only it's in warpspeed, but the usual Viacom byline is completely absent. When I saw that, I immediately speedrun to get the capture done, posted it on the CLG Wiki, and made a thread about it.

Availabilityː Like I said, seen on the Early Prototype Trailer for The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

Editor's Noteː None.

2nd Imageː
Paramount Pictures Corporation (German B&W Version, 1953)

Paramount Pictures Corporation (German B&W Version, 1953)).png

Backstoryː I was basically finding German Paramount logos & I saw the same ones over and over. But then, I found a different version than these other versions, which is in B&W & the mountain is accurate. I posted it on the CLG Wiki (because why not?) & put it in the Forum, which is along with the 2nd and 4th Images.

Availabilityː Seen on the German Copy of The Caddy.

Editor's Noteː Not much potential coming out of it, due to the fact that the stars & text are placed too high.

3rd-8th Images (Found by David Andreasyan)

Backstoryː At one point, I was finding rare logos from David Andreasyan (CLG Wiki here), where I did find some good captures. At one point, I clicked on the popular button to see some that are better. Then, I found the 1st Image, which is rare to me. Along with the Prototype, I found a Workpoint Version of the Walt Disney Pictures 1995 logo. So I captured both of them, posted it to the wiki, and got them in the Forum as well as a few other images. At some other point, I was looking for more Vids from him, and the 4 vids as follows are what I posted to the CLG Wiki as well, with more logos.

Availabilityː All of them arrange from Scarce to Extremely Rare.

  • The Workpoint Walt Disney Pictures logo is coincidentally spotted on, you guessed it, a March 8, 1996 workprint copy of A Bug's Life.
  • Any International Print logos are seen on a country's respective VHS Print, like any other one of those.

Editor's Noteː These are my favorite finds, not gonna lie.

9th Imageː
20th Century Fox Film Corporation (TCF Hour Version, 1950s/2002)

20th Century Fox Film Corporation (TCF Hour Version, 2002).png

Backstoryː On May 31, 2022, I was watching a cheesy logos list, so I can do a page about Cryptic Corporation. Before I can, I saw this logo, which is worth uploading. Then I was searching up 20th Century Fox rare logos, because why not? It was uploaded by Skyler Mcfadden. I captured it and posted it on the CLG Wiki to put it on the 20th Century Studios page. It won't be put on the Surprise Logo Discoveries Forum until June 2, 2022, with some other finds that mainly involve Warner Bros. stuff.

Availabilityː It's from a Restoration of the 20th Century Fox Hour, which aired on August 10, 2002.

Editor's Noteː The wide "0" is really strange, as the rest only have a bold 0 (0). Also, this is not my find.

10th-12th Image
Columbia Pictures (Soviet Versions, 1966,1970s)

Backstoryː On June 19, 2022, I was looking for logos. I came across this one and, sure enough, captured it and uploaded it. I put it in the Forum on June 20, 2022. Then on June 22, 2022, I was looking for logos similar to that. I came across the three and did the same thing. I uploaded it to the forum on June 24, 2022.

Availabilityː Uhhhhh I forgor but I do know the movies are International prints.

Editor's Noteː None.

And these are all of my finds I want to talk about.

Finds Status

Oldest Findː Hobart Bosworth Productions Company (1915)

Newest Findː Fox En Española (2004)

Rarest Findː That Soviet Paramount-lookin logo, because a second I spotted it, I was shocked it existed.

Viral Findː Probably the Featured Images.

Favorite Findː Walt Disney Home Video (German, 1989) (Not in user page)

Favorite Logos

Exactly what the title says, my Favorite Logos in Picture Form goes here, and will change overtime. This goes from Pretty Cool, to Ultra Noice.

The End.

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