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Info About Me

  • I accept any pronouns.
  • I'm 22 years old. (b.d. May 29)
  • I was born in Venezuela, living currently in the northern part of the Houston Metro.
  • I'm on the autism spectrum.
  • I became interested in logos at the age of 10, joined the former Wikifoundry and made a living making pages there. (I was a major contributor back then.)
  • I had little knowledge of English grammar when I first joined, nowadays I can speak, write and read it fluently along with Spanish.
  • Favorite interests include gaming, design, music, watching movies and anime.
  • Currently studying data analysis; obtained programmer degree on college.

Favorite (and Not-So-Favorite Things)

Main Favorite Logos


Home Video:


Station IDs:

Video Games:





Least Favorite Logos

  • Video Cassete do Brasil (1st logo). Just WHY did they have to design it like that...
  • Vijayshri Pictures (2003). Worst case of logo theft I've ever seen, period. They didn't really attempt being less ironic with something like "Revolution in Film Making", either.
  • Hadeel for Production & Distribution (1st logo). Don't hate this as much as the above logo but the fact they kept the text in front of the entirety of another logo is enough to make it a contender here.
  • Rangeela Productions (the fabled "war" logo). I am tired of people associating the entire opening scene of the movie (being surprisingly violent to say) being part of a "scary Pakistani logo". Jeez.
  • Froben Enterprises Inc. It's just disgusting.
  • So Easy Productions (3rd logo). Same reason as above, but taken to further lengths...
  • Discovery Networks (2nd logo). It once used to plaster about EVERYTHING that was aired on Latin America's Discovery Kids. I no longer hate this logo now but it gives me nostalgia.
  • Summit Entertainment (3rd logo). As others have criticized, this is more of a Lionsgate logo than a Summit Entertainment one. And a really worthless one to be honest.

Favorite Films / TV Shows / Anime / Whatever


  • I'm really a fan of Asian cinema in general - most of my knowledge is about Hong Kong -> Japanese -> Chinese -> Korean -> Indian -> Taiwanese films in that order.
  • Favorite directors include Takashi Miike (Ichi the Killer, Gozu, Girls x Heroine); Wong Kar-wai (Chungking Express, Fallen Angels); Edward Yang (A Brighter Summer Day, Terrorizers, Taipei Story, Yi Yi), Johnnie To (leader of Milkyway Image); Stanley Kubrick (A Clockwork Orange, The Shining). If I would also include studios, Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest have a great output of movies I love.
  • I don't watch American cinema that often - I'm more interested on international movies. But some of my Hollywood favorites include Stanley Kubrick (as mentioned above), action/crime movies like The Terminator, Taxi Driver and Die Hard, and some horror flicks.

Anime and Manga:

  • My favorite anime series include One Piece, Gintama, Cardcaptor Sakura, Devilman: Crybaby, Made in Abyss, Hell Girl, PreCure, Azumanga Daioh, Lucky Star, Girls' Last Tour, Dennou Coil, Soul Eater, Haibane Renmei, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Aikatsu, Toilet Bound Hanako-kun, PriPara, and Ojamajo Doremi.
  • I'm also a passionate manga reader. TBA for my favorite series.


  • I'm a fan of the Touhou franchise, but I prefer watching gameplay videos rather than playing the games because I really suck at them - they're all so difficult and I don't like wasting much of my time on PC gaming. But I highly enjoy the lore of Gensokyo, each game, and each character, you name it.

Least Favorite Films / TV Shows / Anime


  • ANYTHING Studio Bind has produced (ONIMAI, Mushoku Tensei). The whole studio is run by total degenerates and I absolutely do not condone supporting their material just for the good of humanity.
  • About ANY isekai (see: Mushoku Tensei). Almost all of them are the same thing over and over and it's the main root of the death of innovation in the current anime industry. There are only a few of them I have enjoyed however, like Gate (the manga, I hadn't watched the anime adaptation), for the reason they at least do try to make their stuff stand out from the rest.

Pages I Created

Bold denotes favorite logos; Italic denotes interesting logos


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