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emailIcon.gifSent a message to Diego Ledezma 285 days ago
"Just be because is likely that a diego sockpuppetry?"
emailIcon.gifSent a message to Dee Animation Studios 289 days ago
"Will block your crappy user!!!!!!!"
emailIcon.gifSent a message to Hb1290 289 days ago
"do you want to change block settings for [[User:Linmagnolia and introser..."
emailIcon.gifSent a message to Christian cruz munoz 2 292 days ago
"I found my sockpuppet of previously blocked user?"
addedFriendIcon.pngIs now friends with MirahezeGDPR 6d7f69a46245b700bcf9cb5c609cc3ee 308 days ago
addedFriendIcon.pngIs now friends with LMgamer36 312 days ago
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