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New account

With AVID moving to WikiForge, once the move is complete, my old account "PokeRapMonster" will be discontinued, and I will now edit with my new account "Sprigatito Plantar" starting then. However, edits on the old Miraheze wiki will still be moved as an archive.

Thank you.


Kamusta! I am PokeRapMonster, or PokeRM for short.

I am a contributor to the AVID Wiki, known for putting up commercial tags on this wiki.

Outside of AVID, I like watching Disney cartoons and movies, listening to music, mainly pop, rock, R&B, and K-pop. I also edit on Wikipedia.

You may also find me on Wikipedia as RapMonstaXY (or RMXY for short), and as Sid Chang on Discord (sidchang) and Fandom.

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