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posted 2 days ago

Can i make Vina Acecook pages?

posted 11 days ago

What?!?! The CLG Wiki banner is still on the Cologne Blue skin?!?!?! I thought you passed the RFC and planned to replace it with the AVID one.

posted 20 days ago

Hello. I'm very sorry for using profanity (saying the F word in particular) during the rebranding process because I really didn't like the wiki being rebranded from CLG Wiki. I hope it will take time for me to get used to the new AVID name and many others like the new Legacy section, etc. I have read the rules and I promise not to do that again. For now I will add you as friend on discord.

posted 28 days ago

As part of the referendum on the clip on library, I have created a draft page, slowly importing the FANDOM page and modifying it.

posted 48 days ago

Why you deleted the AVID:What's the scariest logo you've ever seen? this is nostalgic thing im ever seen in this site im think you gotta blocked.

posted 58 days ago

09limbua Sock! Don't Block Me! I'll Put Video On Nepal Television Page! Right?

posted 72 days ago

Heyya. It's Kris Valdespino. I and the others at the CLG (AVID/CBD) Discord server had designed a couple of logos for the rebrand into AVID. We want to duke it out with a poll, but I'm not sure if the votes from Discord would be accurate to the website's opinions. Plus, I don't think any of us have the power to officially start a poll. What do you think? AVID_Logo_List.png

posted 151 days ago

There's a new FIFA sockpuppet account on here with the 1989 numerication at the end of the username? Could you review it and block it?

posted 159 days ago

Hey Logohub, can you pleae block this Introseria guy's IP adress?

posted 162 days ago

Hello Logohub! Check out my profile CLGCreator Returns! It's got an edit list for my edits that I update each time. Come check it out!

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