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Hi. You may see me contributing everyday to the Wiki. I was a former bystander on the WikiFoundry wiki up to its demise.

Up until the majority of WikiFoundry articles were moved to Miraheze, I was a frequenter on the Fandom wiki (username: LMgamer36II). Well it felt like the Logopedia, where the main page was basically like the ones on said wiki. It was basically how the CLG Wiki (now AVID) on WikiFoundry looked like back then.

So I moved to the Miraheze, but only contributed at least 2 years ago, at the Ramu Films page which I expanded just on the first half of 2022.

And well, I'm most active from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM UTC+8. Times may vary.

YouTube channel

Visit my YouTube channel here. I usually upload my logo finds there. I still have to rename my channel to fit the AVID rename so a lot of PageCredits with my vids have to be replaced.

PlayStation Studios/Kojima Productions/Filmworks (2023)

Statues for the Finds

  • Oldest: Warner Bros. Italia (1960, World by Night) and Paramount Pictures France/Germany (both 1960) (all 1960)
  • Newest: Warner Bros. Pictures (Warner Bros. Discovery Byline Variant (2022)


  • Jerry Bruckheimer Films (Kangaroo Jack, Theatrical Version)
  • 20th Century Fox (1994 Prototype without Byline)

You know, I'm not something of a logo hunter myself. But I've found these logos from the depths of the Net.

Note: Titles colored in blue mark that this image was featured at least once.

Jerry Bruckheimer Films (Kangaroo Jack, Theatrical Version)

Kangaroo Jack (2003) was infamous for its negative reception, primarily due to its false advertising, which is one of the possible causes of it being a box office failure. This led to the film being heavily modified on home video, such as the opening logos, and the intro, which was replaced with a different one. The changes at the home video, which were edited for the new intro, as follows:

  • Warner Bros. Pictures and Castle Rock Entertainment had their respective themes on the theatrical version. The music was later replaced by a custom soundtrack.
  • The Jerry Bruckheimer Films variant (kangaroos crossing the road) was the same, but the transition (an orange sun moving to the logo) was different, as the logo becomes a picture and a different, more realistic sun appears, starting the movie. This was seen on the theatrical release.

Availability: The theatrical version of the movie was thought to be lost, until the Twitter account Theatrical Bootlegs Out of Context, which posts camrips (low-quality camera recordings of theatrical movies) and telesyncs (more high-quality recordings), found a telesync of the theatrical version on February 2022, and uploaded by me to the wiki. So, once extinct, has become uncommon.

CinemaScope (Rare Variants with CinemaScope 55 Font)

This variant of the CinemaScope snipe used by 20th Century Fox uses the 1953 text, but with the "CinemaScope 55" font. Furthermore, an open-matte version is also known to exist, which is possibly a corporate variant.

Availability: This was found on CinemaScope's Logopedia page, hence the webp format of these images, as Fandom uses webp for images downloaded on a PC (my primary device, next to a phone). The on-screen's existence is unknown, just like which films have use it. Primary clues include the Regular Zero version of the 1953 logo, which were shot in CinemaScope 55, or the Slanted Zero logo, which used the CinemaScope 55 logo, used in tandem with said Slanted Zero logo.

20th Century Fox (1994 Prototype without Byline)

Another Fox-related find. This prototype of the 1994 Fox logo hails from a demo reel from the logo's animator Flip Your Lid Animation (formerly Studio Productions). This version, unlike the other prototype, runs at a smoother framerate, better quality and of course, the lack of a News Corp. byline. This version also does not have its iconic fanfare, instead has the theme of the reel playing over. Also from the reel is the Universal 75 Years logo, the TCF Anastasia trailer variant, the Paramount Scrooged variant and the RKO Pictures logo, all in open-matte.

Availability: Ultra rare. Only seen on said video, which does not have a proper name, thus hard to search. Thanks to a lil' Googling and a Gfycat gif of an open-matte 1994 TCF logo seen on another reel, this was found.

Warner Bros. Italia (1960, World by Night)

When I was browsing one of my favorite logo channels, Logo Archive, I found this Warner Bros. Italia logo, which is the Italian division of Warner now known as Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia S.p.A. Unlike WBI's other logos, the banner had the text from the American WB shield. Aside from this. I also found the Italian Paramount logo below, which is from Un caso di conscienza.

Availability: Appeared on the Italian film World by Night. Credits to Logo Archive for the capture.

Paramount Pictures Italy (1970, Un caso di conscienza)

See Warner Bros. Italia (1960, World by Night).

Availability: Appeared on the Italian film Un caso di conscienza, Again, this was from Logo Archive.

Warner Bros. Pictures (Warner Bros. Discovery Byline Variant)

This debuted on a British Channel 4 airing of an unnamed film on May 3. 2022, and predates its US appearances on the first trailer for Elvis and DC's Black Adam (both as variants). The video was a potato capture and I just used DOC to straighten the potato capture.

Availability: Seen on said unnamed film, possibly a made for TV production for Channel 4, or a plaster from an older WB logo, as denoted by the screen bug on the video. A placeholder/prototype WBD (in the WarnerMedia Aleck Sans font) byline debuted on Father of the Bride (2022).

Paramount Pictures France/Germany (both 1960)

These two were both uploaded by Logo Archive. Coincidentally, they were both from 1960, but were seen on two different films.

Availability: Ultra rare.

  • France: Seen on Moderato cantabile.
  • Germany: Seen on German prints of the ever-famous Hitchcock classic Psycho. This does not use the custom segmented variant of the American logo, just a localized version of the normal logo.

Warner Española (1975/1991, 1997)

Warner Bros. had opened its local headquarters in Spain in the early 1970s under the name of Warner Española S.A. This were their logos so far, which also includes a variant. Plus, the former two are my first featured images.

Availability: These were found by Mr. Gann.

  • 1975: Ultra rare. Seen on the majority of their films.
  • 1991: This variant was seen on Ni te se ocurra... (What Would Happen...).

Warner Bros. Italia (1995/1996 Closing Logo)

And again another Italian WB logo. I was finding more of Mr. Gann so I could find some treasure, and this was one of them. Unlike the other closing logos, this was from a WB film and not a Disney distribution, and this was not added to the wiki before.

Availability: This was seen on a 1996 Italian print of Heat (1995) and again found by Mr. Gann.


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