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Hi, I am Dominicmgm.

Important facts

  • I was born January 30, 2004 on a very snowy day in Northern England.
  • I am autsitic.
  • I have been interested in logos from a very early age.
  • I go by any pronouns, but preferably He/She.
  • I am pansexual.
  • My first glimpse at this wiki was around 2010 or so, when I was looking up that logo that was on The Fresh Prince's show.
  • If I capture from an emulator, I make sure that the emulator in question is the absolute best one for the system. For example, if I want to capture something from Game Boy Advance, I use mGBA.
  • My specialty on this wiki is cinema stuff.

Places I be

My favourite logos

Pages I have created

Capture gallery


Random facts about me you (possibly never) wanted to know

  • I'm interested in analogue film, from Super 8mm to microfilm.
  • I frequently see old movies at the cinema.
  • Mmm, Dr. Pepper.
  • I really like parmo.

The AVID Cemetery

Inspired by the Trope Epitaph on TV Tropes.

Cut logos

  • Here lies American Egale Video - Shot by a hunter who misidentified it as a "pidgoen".[1]
  • Here lies Film Field Productions - Got lost in the field, was never found again.[2]

Renamed sections

  • Here lies Editor's Note - Its legacy was questioned.[3]
  • Here lies FX/SFX - It didn't show proper technique.[4]

Dead traditions

  • Here lies the Anniversaries section - Died on its birthday.[5]
  • Here lies the Cheesy Factor - Overindulged on Easy Cheese.[6]
  • Here lies the Company Bumpers Database - Ignored the FBI warning and served life in prison.[7]
  • Here lies the Dream Logos Wiki - Its last dream was the V from Hell.[8]
  • Here lies Jeff - He croaked.[9]
  • Here lie Nicknames - It was called "opinionated" all the way to the grave.[10]
  • Here lie Print Logos - Went out of print.[11]
  • Here lies the Remembers section - It may be gone, but we'll always remember it.[12]
  • Here lies the Scare Factor - Got a heart attack from the VID logo.[13]
  • Here lies Wikifoundry - The foundry was turned into a residential zone.[14]


  1. Fake logo by the infamous Supermarty-O.
  2. Was determined to not be a logo, rather a thank-you credit.
  3. The old name sounded vague and was mistaken for a personal opinions section.
  4. Was often used for abridged descriptions of logos. The new name reflects its use better.
  5. Was determined to be unnecessary, alongside the "Remembers" section.
  6. Too opinionated for the wiki, plus it was giving it a bad reputation as a whole.
  7. Merged into AVID due to inactivity.
  8. Inactive spin-off wiki that was not well liked by users.
  9. Mascot that was created by a banned user, in addition, he was deemed to be unnecessary compared to Ace and Vivi.
  10. Was too opinionated and informal for the wiki, alongside the nicknames often not being notable. Official nicknames are now in page headers while notable fan nicknames are now covered in "Trivia" and "Legacy".
  11. Was deemed redundant to Logopedia.
  12. Was determined to be unnecessary, alongside the "Anniversaries" section. Recent deaths of celebrities are now covered in the "#entertainment-memorial" section of the Discord.
  13. Too opinionated for the wiki, plus it was giving it a bad reputation as a whole.
  14. AVID's original host, it gained scrutiny from its users for its aging layout, its server outages and the apathy of its founder, which ended up being major factors for its move to Miraheze.
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