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Charlie Fiddlesticks

Hello! Im Dante (better known as Charlie Fiddlesticks. Refer to me as Charlie though.)! Jeff The Tree Frog's father figure.

My time on this wiki

I joined the wiki on November 3rd 2021 as my first persona, FreakingGUYman.

I truly began the wiki on December 3rd, 2021 as I somehow got called a sockpuppet and banned for it== on the 1st day (that and accidentally inserting personal opinion onto Little Airplane Productions) .

Soon during early 2022 I became DHX Cookie Jar Fanatic and used this brand up until September 2022 where I renamed myself to CharlieFiddlesticks based on my Youtube Name

My favorite logo is MTM Enterprises

Things you should know about my behavior

Take these things into consideration if you don't want me blowing a fuse and getting banned. I try my best to not get users banned, you should return the favor.

  • I do not work well under pressure.

  • Also, don't come at me for being annoying. That is just who I am. That is just my personality. If you think I'm annoying, look up the definition to keeping it to yourself. Because by doing that you are being annoying yourself. Multiple users do that all the time to me. It is really irritating. I am not gonna change it. I will change my behavior, but I am not changing myself. So, next time keep it to yourself.

My Ultimate Goal on this Wiki

Before I quit this wiki and move on to something else, my dream goal on this wiki is to become a Bureaucrat on the wiki and make sure the wiki and it's users are glued together forever and always nice to each other while also stopping vandalizers

What's next for me?

Right now I am planning on trying to become an administrator since I got the requirements while also collecting commercial logos to throw into draft pages


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ALSO, I HAVE VANDALISED THESE WIKIS, Reviewers Unknown Wiki, Wikitubia and Logopedia, so I am now Rider Saga (my alternative name user account from AwRebellion is bad, you heard Stephenful Movies Wiki) or Jacob Mills, SO WHO CARES? ALSO, THIS IS MY FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF EDIT STUFF EVERYDAY WITHOUT A GAP TODAY!!!! HAHAAMMAA!!! SO, ANYWAYS, GOODBYE EVERYONE YOU STUPID PIECE OF CRAP AT THIS WIKI! I WILL GET YOU FOR CREATING A SOCKPUPPET THIS EVENING NO MATTER WHAT! - Prodigy012



I don’t know what to say , but , it just doesn’t look right

I could just fly around the earth and pretend that it never actually happened - Fake Zaranyzerak


Quotes by Matthew L during his "Whining Time"

You know what? I don't care. Block all of us. We'll find a new home and we'll thrive. This isn't the real CLG Wiki anymore. It's a pretender. Stephen will get the rights back and you'll get stuck with this nothing organization. Hate us all you want. I don't care. Enjoy your stupid "Wiki". We'll thrive again, I guarantee it. Just don't expect to be a part of it when we do

The heads of the CLG have been talking about things for a while now. I talked to Stephen, I talked to Shadeed, I talked to Coley and it's time to take things back. It's time to run a tighter ship, bring together people who can run this tight ship and work together without in-fighting. This has gone on too long. I'm going to clean things up and I'm going to be demoting, banning people, all that fun stuff. If you want to work with us and make this a nice place, then you'd be valued, but if you fight with us, you're out. It's time for the change and I'm going to play cleaner. The moves I'm about to make may make some people mad, but I don't want to see anyone complaining or whining about it. Are we clear?

You haven't really shown up much here and you haven't had people coming at you for any so-called controversial edits. People messaging you and questioning you, so you don't really get to talk about that. But see, I'm not here to take crap. I've seen some of it on Discord when I was there, questioning our moves, acting self-righteous about it. But if you don't want to be a part of that, then so long!

Rebellion is bad, you heard Stephen

You know what? I don't want to do this anymore. We'll find a new home. Miraheze was a mistake from the beginning. The kids want it, let them have it, but it will not be affiliated with the CLG anymore. We're starting over from scratch. So if you want to block me, delete my account, go ahead. Do so. But the CLG Wiki will live on somewhere else. I'm done here. I'm done

I had seen I had been unblocked by CuriousGeorge. Frankly, I didn't ask him to unblock me. Shadeed was the one who put him up to that. I'm preparing to move on from Miraheze, but Shadeed is determined to fight battles that won't be won. But I know it won't last long.

I know I'm the most hated man in the logo community right now. Have some gender views that are controversial to say the least. But I'm not one to wish death on anyone. But you all assume just because that I'm not into that life, how I personally think it's unhealthy and how I seen it affect people badly that it makes me a "transphobe", a "bigot", whatever. Can't believe this is quite a controversial view when it was the norm in the past, but you claim to "evolve" or whatever. But instead of trying to understand me, you'd rather assume I'm some sort of monster. No matter what I say, you'll think whatever. But never mind that, there is one thing I will say that doesn't pertain to that.

I will admit this right now. You're all right. About the Board of Directors. After our formation, we should have handled things better; taken care of things, take out the trolls, run the site right, it was our jobs. We were all sporadic and you all have taken up the mantle. You see, in the Board, we've had so much infighting and disagreements on how to run things. We all got caught up in the drama over the past 7 years, since the whole Cokeburst and DLC stuff. It left us all on edge. Between the fights and trolls, we all got spent. We all couldn't agree on how to do things. And it's left a huge mess in which we never recovered from.

But yes, I know. We, the Board of Directors, we failed at our jobs. I personally just wanted to discuss logos, edit pages, share finds, not get caught up in all the drama. But we did, and I initiated quite a bit of it. I won't lie. I'm man enough to admit my faults. No matter how many times I'm accused of being "an egotist" or "abusing my powers", but it's whatever.

I'm not expecting this to change anything. You all hate me, and that's okay. Hate me all you want. But I will say I'm sorry for my hand in the BOD, for all the drama, for not being active as I should, for failing to do my job to look after the site. Life got a hold of me, among other things, but I'm not using that as an excuse. The stuff I done, it's on me. And I'll admit that. So go ahead, I'll leave you all to resume hating me. I don't expect this to change things. And Hisbiscus, HB, you may now block me for good. Get Agent Isai to give you block rights, get rid of me. No matter how you all feel about me, I wish you all well. So long.

I'm sorry but you don't have the rights to become an admin the first place. You are blocked for trying to overthrow the team that worked hard on the site.

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