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i'm just a random 14 y.o. russian guy who's obsessed with lagos and countryballs. cant explain that much of myself so yaeh

Pages I've created

Eatabullet, Inc.

AHI Televizyon
Adult Video Corporation
Limelight Productions
Miki House

Shanachie Video
I Got A Fish Productions
Regal Video
Crown Video
Videotime S.A.
Avakasa Films
Las Vegas Tiffany Design
Combined Artists
Ambrosia Productions
Amway Video
ColdWater Media
Khmer Star Pictures
Praexis Productions
Video Screen S.A.
Russian Happiness Entertainment
Phonogram Records
Underground Video
International Home Video
SRL Video
Nilsen Premiere
Vista Home Video (Russia)
Great East International Film Corp.
Omaha Productions
Walrus Pictures
Macondo Cine-Video

Neko Entertainment
Life Video
Mundial Filmes
Media Development Corporation
Draft:Anyka Davaika
Games of Gondor
Kid Sehenswert von Polyband
Descriptive Video Service
Ipanema Video Ltda.
Rebell Video
N.Y Production
Atlas Film Video
Kimbo Video
Space Video
Adil Vision
Video Keren
UVG Video
Express Video
7107 Una Exclusiva
Inter Pathe Video (Spain)
BAP Interactive
Cinematrex Corporation
Aries Film
Daniel H. Blatt/Robert Singer Productions
Ombratge S.A.
Draft:Emporio Video
Firestone Program Syndication
Gettin' Rad
Typo, Inc.
Hen's Tooth Video
Excellent Video
Irena Belle Films
Sinastar Entertainment
Juno Media
Video Rouge
Kino Lorber
Abbey Freetime
Asian Video
Grand Production
Ladybird Video
Million Dollar Video Corporation
Nakel Home Video
Kiema Sarajevo
Sinema Dizajn
NAC Home Video
Viba Film Video
Balkan Film
Omega Releasing Organization
Estet Video
Carousel Home Video
Image Records
Garant Video
Deluxe Video Production
TV Girassol

Band Ji-Paraná
MW Films
Salut Video

Random Facts Abt Me

  • even though i was born in ukraine, i speak russian, and i don't know ukrainian
  • i like tomato juice and pineapple pizza (yes, i'm weird)
  • i usually compile home/adult entertainment logos
  • not hacker at english, so expect some bad grammar from me
  • i just LOVE cats, whatever the breed they are, and even if they're ugly
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