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She/her please. My profile pic of my OC Penji Fraggle reading is by the very talented Richard Michael Gomez, @StarmansArt on social media. I love animals, animation, (especially those wacky Warner Bros toons) Muppets, Nintendo, and terrible movies. I have read this site since childhood and only just jumped on back in 2021 because my chronic animal nerd did not like seeing a chipmunk get called a hamster. My animal nerddom has reflected in many of my edits, and you can thank me for the wiki having correctly labeled sheep, shar pei, cockroaches, and osprey, as well as many more accurately identified critters.

If you want all the pages I've made notable contributions to, go here! I also have a sandbox, which is linked here for me personally so that I don't forget about it lol.

Favorites (likely to be dated in future but I'll try to make it not):

Logo: StudioCanal. I actually have two favorite logo YouTube playlists.

Least Favorite Logo: Both Photo Video logos

Logo Variant: Sony/Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation on The Mitchells Vs the Machines makes me so happy

Scariest Logo Ever: MTV Asia "Food For Thought" and Timpson. Just, euuuuugh.

Unscariest Scary Logo: How is the Screen Gems "S From Hell" scary again?

Best Logo of 2021: Warner Bros. Pictures

Best Logo of 2022: Orion Pictures is just STUNNING. This, THIS is how you update an icon.

Best Logo of 2023 so far: Princess Pictures, because I must give respect to any company that decides that Michael Cusack should animate their new logo lol.

Commercial: that Chentelham and Gloucester ad with the kid diving for his lost pearl

Movies: Inside Out, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, The Lego Movie, The Muppet Movie, The Muppets (2011), Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Mitchells Vs The Machines, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure... yeah. I couldn't pick one.

Least Favorite Movie: do not watch Rollergator. Just don't. Even with Rifftrax. This is a public service.

Most Hyped Movie: The Day The Earth Blew Up (previously untitled Looney Tunes Cartoons Daffy and Porky sci-fi movie. This is IF IT EVER COMES OUT, thanks for ruining a studio Zaslav.)

Band: They Might Be Giants

Video Game Series: Pokémon

Pokémon: Zorua

Game: Super Mario Odyssey

Most Hyped Game: None at the moment.

Live Action Series: Words do no describe how much Fraggle Rock (both the original and Back to the Rock) means to me. Also in the Henson world, there is The Muppet Show and Sesame Street of course. The bad movie lover in me is also obsessed with Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Rifftrax. My extreme love for Doctor Who has died down quite a bit, but it's still probably up there. (specifically Doctor 9 and 10 eras. I liked 11 a lot but not as much, and 12 is where I fell off. Let's see what Russel T. Davies is cooking.)

Cartoon: another where I can't name just one. There are many but standouts are Looney Tunes, (particularly the original run, The Looney Tunes Show and the HBO Max shorts) Animaniacs, (original and reboot) Ducktales, (pretty much just the reboot, not that the originals aren't good but it's the new stuff I'm obsessed with) Gravity Falls, Jellystone, Green Eggs and Ham, Regular Show, The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, classic SpongeBob, (and the rare newer episode that makes me laugh) Kid Cosmic, and Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. Yeah. I like cartoons a lot.

Character: Boober Fraggle, Daffy Duck, and Wakko Warner have my heart.

Animals: Hated this question since I was a kid. Outside of pop culture and logos, I'm an outright animal nerd and I'm known across the family as the expert. Standouts I guess are quolls, dogs, foxes, cats, ducks, chickens, red-legged seriemas, fossas, red pandas, bustards, Nicobar pigeons, penguins, ground hornbills, binturongs, quokkas, cassowaries, otters, goats, and bears. I know, that was a full list, and I still feel like I'm leaving many out.

I am inevitably going to mess up stuff on here, so please don't be mad and fix my mistakes. Thank you for taking the time to read all of this completely irrelevant stuff about me.

Dream Logos

This is where all my dream logos go.

Some things to know about my dream logos:

  • I will never try to actually make them, so this page will be imageless. I don't want to make MS Paint messes to represent what I see in my head as top notch CGI.
  • I don't see them ever happening irl, so I imagine them as being from alternate universes. Think Marvel's What If but it's dream logos. I probably won't go too high concept with that aside from some logos from fictional universes, but yeah.
  • I'm keeping editor's notes.
  • Underneath the editor's notes, I will sometimes put author's notes to clarify my thinking behind the logo.

Oddity Star Entertainment


Sunset Barn Productions


Precert Productions


Precert Productions is the vanity card that I would have if I ever went into showbiz.


The Jim Henson Company

(February 3, 2022-)

Logo: We see the green text "henson" in a lowercase font superimposed on a rocky background. We then zoom out to see a model of Jareth the Goblin King's castle from Labyrinth.

Technique: Live action model work.

Music/Sounds: An orchestral tune that is actually an abridged version of "Underground" by David Bowie, the song that plays during the opening titles of Labyrinth.

Availability: Brand new. Seen on new episodes of Looney Tunes Cartoons starting with the Valentines Day special.

Editor's Note: While the redesigned "henson" logo itself looks very generic and boring, like it was made in Microsoft Word, the logo's animation being a tribute to one of the company's most beloved movies is a nice touch.

Author's Note: A literal dream logo, I dreamt about this on January 28th, 2022 and woke up thinking it was real and ready to add it to the actual Jim Henson Company page.


Logo: We see a time-lapse of various furry puppet creatures and shapes on sticks run around to arrange themselves, with the occasional puppeteer popping into frame. The camera pans to a top view, which shows they have made a fluffy version of the Jim Henson Company logo. The logo then turns to print.

Technique: Nice live action puppetry!

Music/Sounds: A playful 12-note marimba theme based on "Hip Hip Hooray" from Fraggle Rock or the closing theme.

Availability: Current. First appeared on season 2 of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock (in an alternate reality, of course) and started appearing on other productions from there.

Editor's Note: A unique logo that provides a great example of the main thing the company is known for.

Author's Note: I wrote this before an actual new Jim Henson Company logo debuted on Back to the Rock, one that I basically discovered as I had to do its writeup on the wiki and requested to Broken Saw (then Pepsi9072) that he upload it, no less.

Nintendo Studios (Japan)

(April 7, 2023-)

Logo: We see some hanafuda playing cards fall off of a wooden table. They disintegrate into pixels that form the World 1-1 level of Super Mario Bros., which Mario is jumping though, obtaining a Super Mushroom and stomping a Goomba. The pixels once again disintegrate to form various Nintendo controllers and handheld consoles rapidly in succession: a Famicom/NES controller, Game Boy, SNES controller, N64 controller, GameCube controller, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Wii Remote, a Wii U Gamepad, and finally two Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. When the Joy-Con disintegrate, a non-pixelated 3D Nintendo logo in its traditional red color and oblong shape around it zooms in.

Technique: Nice CGI.

Music/Sounds: Composed by Koji Kondo, it starts as only a Japanese flute but quickly gains a layer of 8-bit beeps, before finishing as a majestic orchestral remix of the music from the Famicom Disk System startup with the flute and beeps still intact.

Availability: Was first seen on The Super Mario Bros Movie, and will likely appear on future films by the company.

Editor's Note: A very nice logo that showcases Nintendo's journey from a maker of hanafuda cards to games quite well.

Eat At Joe's!


This is Daffy Duck's production company. It didn't use a logo until 2018, as all previous attempts literally blew up in his face.


Logo: We see a dark live action room with little light and only some floating dust particles. An unlit neon lamp can be seen getting raised into the darkness. The word "Eat" is lit first, then dims as if it didn't have enough electricity. "at" lights and dims like "Eat", and then "Joe's!" lights and dims as well. Then, the three words more frenetically light and dim at random, letting off sparks, until all three words light up in bright orange to read "Eat at Joe's!" The yellow byline "A WarnerMedia Company" fades in below. The light then burns out, leaving the the room as dark as when it started.

Variant: Starting in 2022, the byline has been replaced with one for Warner Bros. Discovery instead.


  • The company's name is based on the "Eat At Joe's" running gag throughout many Looney Tunes cartoons. The design is specifically based on a scene from The Great Piggy Bank Robbery, where Duck Twacy, played by Daffy Duck, defeats the villainous "Neon Noodle" by twisting him into the slogan.
  • Many Warner Bros interns attempted to hold the lamp without burning. The final product, while out of frame, is actually held by Wile E. Coyote, who got the job by way of being very hardy to pain even by toon standards, being used to getting burnt on a daily basis, and having experience in holding signs. The lamp reportedly exploded not long after he was filmed with it.

Technique: Live action and the fade in of the byline. One would assume that the sparks are CGI, but reportedly Daffy insisted they would be real, resulting in many burnt hands.

Music/Sounds: An abstract jazz tune synched to the lights attempting to shine, dimming, successfully lighting up at the end, and burning out, along with the light's buzz. The buzz of the light is typically retained over the opening or closing theme.

Availability: Current.

Editor's Note: None.

Idlewild Pictures


Idlewild Pictures is the television production company of Idlewild Recordings, the record label of They Might Be Giants members John Flansburgh and John Linnell.


TBA. First seen on Tiny Toons Looniversity.

Pokéstar Studios (Unova)


Pokéstar Studios is the largest film studio in the Pokémon world, located in Virbank City, Unova. Founded in 1937, it is known for the Brycen-Man, Full Metal Cop, Invaders, and Timegate Traveler franchises.


A Note:

The following logos were adapted from and/or inspired by company names generated by Fantasy Name Generators' Film Studio Name Generator, which can be found here:



Ruby Productions


Trinket Entertainment


Moving Planet Studio


LunarStorm Productions


Netherdream Film


Limbo Film


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