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On May 28, 2002, following the merger of Studios USA Television with Universal Worldwide Television, the company itself was renamed to Universal Television Distribution, which serves as its international subsidiary. The company operated for a mere two years, before folding itself into NBC Universal Television Distribution in 2004.

(September 2002-July 17, 2004)

Logo: Same as the network and domestic counterparts, except the text below reads as "UNIVERSAL TELEVISION DISTRIBUTION" and the URL is shown intact, below the logo.

Variant: Sometimes, the logo only features the URL below the logo.

Technique: Same as the network and domestic counterparts.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1997 Universal Television logo.

Availability: Rare.

  • Can be seen at the end of Leave It to Beaver reruns on MeTV and previously on Antenna TV.
  • It also appears on international airings and the MPI Home Video DVD releases of Family Affair (whose non-USA TV distribution rights are held by NBCUniversal) in place of the logos of American distributor CBS Media Ventures and its predecessors.
  • It is also seen on some unsold pilots, as well as Crossing Over with John Edward.
Universal Worldwide Television
Universal Television Distribution
NBC Universal Television Distribution
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