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Universal Network Television was originally formed in 1999 as Universal Studios Network Programming from the ashes of the former Brillstein-Grey Entertainment television division. The company initially produced Just Shoot Me!, The Steve Harvey Show (both of them were respective megahits of NBC and The WB) and Work with Me. After struggling, in 2002, it merged with the network television unit of Studios USA Television to form a newly reorganized Universal Network Television.

1st Logo (September 21, 1999-November 26, 2003)

Logo: It's only a short version of the 1997 Universal Studios logo, without any modifications whatsoever. Also, the copyright symbol is added.


  • On Work with Me, the URL is shown below the logo.
  • On early season 4 episodes of The Steve Harvey Show and Just Shoot Me!, the logo (minus the text and the URL) is seen on the right with the 1995 Brillstein-Grey Entertainment logo on the left inside a white outline box against a gray stone spotlight background.
  • On later episodes of The Steve Harvey Show and Just Shoot Me! since season 4, the logo (minus the text and the URL) is seen on the bottom along with the Brad Grey Television logo above.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: None, the end theme of the show, or a generic theme on original CBS and NBC airings.


  • The standalone logo appears on Work with Me.
  • The combo version is seen on The Steve Harvey Show and Just Shoot Me, respectively.

2nd Logo (September 27, 2002-May 19, 2004)

Logo: Almost the same as the previous logo, except the text "UNIVERSAL NETWORK TELEVISION" appears below the logo, with the Universal URL. Also, the text's shadow is not there.


  • On some shows, the text "in association with" appears above the logo.
  • On original ABC and NBC airings of shows from 2002-2004, the URL is not shown.

Technique: Same as before.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1997 Universal Television logo. Three short versions of the logo exist:

  • 2002-2003: The same odd short version of the original 1997 Universal TV logo, appears on Robbery Homicide Division.
  • 2002-2004: Another odd short version with four notes.
  • 2003-2004: Final short version using the first three notes playing fast and the last note of the theme.
  • ABC, CBS and NBC airings used a generic theme.
  • Sometimes, the end theme plays over the logo.

Availability: Much more common than before.

  • It is seen on several shows, like 2002-04 episodes of Law & Order and its associated spinoffs, and the 2003 revival of Dragnet.
  • It is also seen on the last episode of Columbo as well.

Copyright Stamps

Here is some information about the copyright stamps on the Universal Television series and TV movies:

  • 1999-2003: Copyright © [YEAR] Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. (Used on The Steve Harvey Show, Work with Me and Just Shoot Me!)
  • 2002-2004: Copyright © [YEAR] Universal Network Television LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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