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Logohub, Davidthelogohunter

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Logohub, Davidthelogohunter


Universal Music LLC (ユニバーサル ミュージック合同会社), also known as Universal Music Japan or UMJ, is a Japanese subsidiary of Universal Music Group founded in 1990 as PolyGram K.K.. In 1999, after Universal Music Group acquired PolyGram Records, PolyGram Co., Ltd. was renamed into Universal Music Co., Ltd. In 2009, the company changed its name into Universal Music LLC.


Logo: On a black background, the 1997 Universal print logo is seen, with "UNIVERSAL MUSIC" written below it.


  • Sometimes, the logo appears on a white background.
  • On some releases, the logo moght appear next to a logo of a different music publisher, such as EMI.
  • A variant exists, when a redrawn version of the 1997 Universal alternate print logo is used, with "UNIVERSAL MUSIC" written in dark blue.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Common. Can be found at the end of music videos and album promos.

PolyGram K.K.
Universal Music Japan
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