Universal Eight

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Captures by
TVB and MatthewLMayfield

Editions by
indycar and TVB

Video captures courtesy of
The Jordan Rios VHS Archive: Openings & more


Universal Eight was the successor to the renowned home movie distributor Castle Films, which was owned by United World; the non-theatrical firm of Universal-International. It was founded in late 1977 and became defunct in 1984 on search for a home entertainment company.

Only Known logo (1977-1984)

Logo: On a black background, we see the neon number "8" that is blue on the inside and pink on the outside. Then the text:



in a 1950s neon font fades in and shines. Above five seconds later the word "PRESENTS" fades in below the "8". A few seconds later, the text dissolves into "EXCERPTS FROM" in the same typeface. It then immediately cuts into the program.

Variant: There is a closing version that has the byline "FROM UNIVERSAL 8 ALL TV AND THEATRICAL RIGHTS RESERVED."

Technique: The text fading in and the shining.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Extremely rare. Can likely be seen on any program released by the company.

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