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Not to be confused with Universal Animation Studios.

1st Logo (1920s-1936)

Logo: It's almost the same as the movie logo of the 1920s, except it's a cartoon version and a still logo.

Variant: Another variant of the logo was kept intact on Oswald's mid-30s Universal shorts. The "The End" is seen on the upper left corner, and the globe, with clouds, is seen on the lower right corner, as in some of the movies from the 1930s. The words "IT'S A UNIVERSAL CARTOON" in capital letters overlap the globe.

Technique: None, except for the closing variant, with the globe moving.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the cartoon.

Availability: Extremely rare.

  • It's seen at the end of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons (later owned by Disney with a few rights by Universal), mainly Trolley Troubles.
  • When Disney released all cartoons on DVD part of the Walt Disney Treasures series, this logo was no more.
  • Any possible VHS releases should have this.

2nd Logo (1927-1936)

Logo: TBA.

Variant: There's a sepia variant.

Technique: The earth moving.

Music/Sounds: See 1st Logo.

Availability: Seen on cartoons from that era.

3rd Logo (1936-1946)

Logo: Same as the movie logo. On later cartoons this is in color and is blue-tinted.

Trivia: On one Woody Woodpecker short, the second ending is shown with the phrase "BUY MORE WAR BONDS FOR VICTORY".

Variant: On some public domain prints of the 1941 Woody Woodpecker cartoon, "Pantry Panic", the globe is in a green color.

Closing Titles: On a blue, red or customized background, "A WALTER LANTZ CARTUNE" is seen above the screen in very small letters. Below the text, the following variants:

  • The early ending involved some credits and "The End" in white script on the bottom.
  • The second variant doesn't have the credits, the "The End" words are bigger and in a different script. Also, Walter Lantz is billed as "Walt Lantz" in some shorts.
  • The third variant, more common than the other, the "The End" is smaller and the Screen Cartoonists Guild logo is seen on the bottom.

Technique: Same as the movie logo.

Music/Sounds: The theme song's intro.

Availability: Seen on some early Woody Woodpecker cartoons, as well as the infamous Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat.

4th Logo (1946-1963)

Logo: Same as the movie logo.

Technique: Same as the movie logo.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the cartoon.

Availability: Seen on Woody Woodpecker cartoons from the era. Usually it was seen on Chilly Willy cartoons on Boomerang.

5th Logo (1963-1972)

Logo: Same as the movie logo, but short.

Technique: Read above.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the cartoon.

Availability: Rare.

  • Universal Cartoons managed to survive into the 1970s unlike other major film company cartoon divisions.
  • Seen on some Chilly Willy cartoons syndicated on television.
  • Also can be seen on later Woody Woodpecker cartoons.
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