United Karaoke/Warning Screen

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Compiled by

Early-Mid 1990s


Warning: On a black background, we see the following text:

Karaoke video cassettes and laser discs
are protected under the copyright laws of
the United States, Canada and other countries.
Any copying or public performance of this video
compilation is strictly prohibited by law and may
subject the offender to civil liability and/or
severe criminal penalties.

©[YEAR] Opus Licensing Inc. The music contained
herein is used under license by Opus Licensing Inc.
All rights reserved.

Warning: The program contained herein is
licensed only for unadvertised private use.
Any and all other rights- -including, but not limited
to, duplication and broadcast by any means- -
are retained by the copyright proprietor. Persons
purchasing this device for use in a commercial
establishment are obligated to arrange and pay
required performance rights prior to use.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on United Karaoke releases of the era.

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