Unirecord Internacional

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Logo: We fade to a superimposed view of a white cloth over it, which is supposed to look like a desert. As soon as we shift more to the right, it reveals a metallic bar which is covered by sand. The sand over it dissolve as it reveals the text "UNIRECORD" carved over the bar. Later we zoom forth, as it fades out, then reveals a blue zooming space background. The same "UNIRECORD" text from before which is slightly tilted fades and zooms in, then "INTERNACIONAL, S.A." is being wiped in behind "UNIRECORD". It later fades out.

Technique: Live-action, and 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A windy theme with a sound that sounds similar to an eagle, as it segues to a more calming synthesized theme.

Availability: Rare as usual. It may appear on movies that are presumably distributed by them.

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