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UMusic Philippines is the on-screen name for UMG Philippines Inc.

1st Logo (2021-2023)


Logo (Opening): On a black background, a white circle with the black three-dimensional silhouette of the letter "u" inside "glitches" into view. "umusic" pops in underneath, followed by "O R I G I N A L S" appearing under "umusic". The logo then zooms in slightly. The scene cuts away to "PRESENTS" in Mortend font and in white.

Logo (Closing): A rainbow colored circle with the back three-dimensional silhouette of the letter "u" inside zooms out.

Variant: A still version exists.

Technique: Computer animation for the opening, none for the closing.

Music/Sounds: A percussion-driven urban theme.

Availability: Can be seen on promotional videos on their YouTube channel.

2nd Logo (February 2, 2023-)


Logo: On a white background, a white circle appears. Then, the white circle gets rainbow colored and a black three-dimensional sihouette of the letter "u" appears inside it. Below the circle, the same rainbow colored lines form the text "umusic".

Variant: A variant exists, where the circle and text and smaller and the text appears next to the circle.

Technique: Computer animation

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Brand new. It first appeared on the "ALL ACCESS: One Click Straight Album Launch" promo.

MCA Music Inc. (Philippines)
UMUSIC Philippines
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