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UKTV Original Production is the production arm of UKTV, which is owned by BBC Studios.

1st Logo (1997-2001)

Logo: An in-credit notice of the 1997 logo with "for" above the notice as well as a copyright notice underneath.


  • On Rock Profile, the logo is on the same row as the 1997 BBC logo and are in a black box underneath a still from or the logo of said show.
  • On Bloody Towers, the logo is grouped alongside the BBC Wales and Travel Channel notices with the word "Co-Production" below all of them.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Rare. This was seen on Rock Profile series 1 (UKTV wasn't involved with the next two series), The Mitchell and Webb Situation, and Bloody Towers.

2nd Logo (2001-2004)

Logo: Same as before but with the 2001 logo.

Variant: On Scenes of Crime, the logo adds the teal plus sign to the top right.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Extremely rare. Was mostly seen on documentaries, reality and talk shows, many of which aren't reran or preserved on home media. This can be seen on Living with Louis and early broadcasts of Good Food Live.

3rd Logo (2004-2009)

Logo: Same as the previous few but with the 2004 logo.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Same as before. It was seen on a Wogan Now & Then airing on UKTV Gold and Kings & Queens of England on UKTV History.

4th Logo (2013-March 8, 2021)

Logo: This is basically an in-credit notice of the UKTV logo at the time, consisting of "UKTV" in white on a turquoise blob-like shape.


  • On David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities, the logo is on a white background.
  • On Vegas Rat Rods, known as Sin City Motors in the UK, the logo is superimposed in the end credits to the bottom left alongside the Dave logo.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the show.

Availability: Can be seen on several shows from this period such as Sin City Motors and Hitler's Olympics. This was used in tandem with the next logos below and despite most of UKTV's programs switching to the 7th logo by then, Frankie Drake Mysteries still used this logo for all of its episodes.

5th Logo (March 11, 2013-March 8, 2016)

Logo: On a baby blue gradient background, to the right has a channel logo owned by UKTV (e.g. Dave) with "for" in turquoise besides it and a copyright notice underneath. A light bursts into the logo as it then becomes a rotating teal shape with light in the center. The shape stops shortly after and then "UKTV" fades into it.

Variants: The closing variant for this logo would be accompanied with another logo to the left.

  • On David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities, the Humble Bee Films logo is besides the UKTV logo.
  • On Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled, the Phil McIntyre Television can be seen.
  • On Taskmaster, a shrunken on-screen logo of the Avalon Television logo is seen.

Technique: The UKTV channel logo transforming and the UKTV shape rotating.

Music/Sounds: The last few seconds of the show before an electronic warbling sound and a two-note low-pitched ding is heard when a UKTV channel logo transform into the main logo.

Availability: Can be seen on series 3 of Nick Knowles' Original Features, David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities series 3, Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled series 1-4, and Taskmaster series 1.

6th Logo (January 20, 2016-November 16, 2017)

Opening Logo: On a floating glass panel against a cloudy blue/turquoise background, we see the logo of a specific UKTV channel next to various other glass panels. Zooming out, the glass panels fly behind the UKTV logo and "A UKTV original production" flies in from the right.

Closing Logo: Similar to the last logo's closing variant, only this time the background is not only the same as this logo's opening variant, but a multi-colored trail can be seen appearing and flying over said logo and blow it off to the right and into the forming UKTV logo. The UKTV logo is also seen subtly floating.

Variants: As with last time, this logo may be accompanied with other logos:

  • Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled is the same as last time except "McIntyre" is red.
  • Taskmaster has an updated Avalon Television logo, but the rest of its appearance is relatively the same.
  • On Dr. Christian Will See You Now, the Firecracker Films logo is seen.
  • On Red Dwarf, both the Baby Cow Productions and Grant Naylor Productions logos appear stacked on one another.

Technique: 3D animation, consisting of the glass panels and the camera zooming out. The closing logo has the colored trails flying and the logo moving.

Music/Sounds: None for the opening variant. The closing variant has the ending theme of the show.

Availability: Despite its short lifespan, it can still be seen on many shows from this period such as Dr. Christian Will See You Now. Returning shows such as Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled, Taskmaster, and Red Dwarf began using this logo during their 4th, 5th, and 12th series respectively.

7th Logo (September 13, 2017-June 20, 2021)

Opening Logo: This is a quick sequence of a human hand doing various tasks, most of which relates to the production of a television series. In the order they appear, these clips include:

  • A book of notes being opened on a yellow, decorated desk surrounded by construction paper, a green book, and a stapler to the top left and an orange pen to the center right.
  • A laptop being opened with a coffee mug, a yellow jar, and a stacked set of binders surrounding it on a green and blue patterned table.
  • Someone writing a script using a typewriter on a gray wooden desk. Crumbled paper can be seen on the left whereas a finished script page is seen on the right.
  • A person highlighting some lines on a script page while surrounding it includes a keyboard, a phone, construction paper, a green and pink eraser, a laptop, a pink opened marker with a cap to the top right of it, and a green mouse.
  • A storyboard being drawn on a board of wood. A ruler can be seen to the bottom left.
  • Forms consisting of multiple people who are auditioning for a role. One of whom, a woman's form in the center of the screen, is circled.
  • A camera lens being assembled against a lens case seen with many other camera lens.
  • A clapperboard with "UK TV ORIGINALS" on the top, the roll, slate, and take reading "A001", 3, and 2 respectively, and a magenta sticker reading "25 FPS".
  • An "On Air" message lighting up with dirty white wires underneath.
  • And a black composer preparing to perform a soundtrack on a keyboard against a red and white striped desk. A golden microphone and gray headphones are seen to the right and a film reel with a mess of film scattered all over it appears on the left.

After all of this, a hand finishes dotting an "i" on "Original", which overlaps "UKTV PRODUCTION" on a piece of paper. Items such as a red pen with a gray cap and a binder cap are seen around the logo.

Closing Logo: As the background changes, the last shot of the opening variant where the hand is drawing "Original" is seen starting on the "g". The background starts with the casting forms from the opening variant to a muted blue desk with the storyboard from before moved to the top left as well as three rolls of tapes and two markers seen on the right, then a wooden desk with a coffee mug, a piece of paper, a teal keyboard, and a blue ruler, and finally the same background as the last shot of the opening variant. "Original" can be seen changing in size through these different shots. After the text was written, the logo moves up to display a co-producer with "by" over it and a copyright notice of either the UKTV logo or the co-producer underneath.


  • On We Hunt Together, the opening variant has the BBC Studios logo above the UKTV logo.
    • Likewise, the closing variant keeps the BBC Studios logo throughout the logo rather than have it fade in when the UKTV logo finishes forming. Also seen is "Produced and Distributed by BBC Studios", the Albert Sustainable Production logo, and the BBC Studios and UKTV copyright notice together, all of which are underneath as always.
  • The opening variant for Red Dwarf: The Promised Land has the screen zoom into the "i"'s dot.
  • On Taskmaster, the Avalon Television logo appears complete with the same animation as its normal variant as well as a copyright notice of said company underneath.
  • On Into the Fire, the IMG Productions logo appears.
  • On 999 Rescue Squad, the Air Television logo simply fades in.
  • Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier has the Talkback logo animated.
  • On Judge Romesh, we see the logo for Hungry Bear Media underneath.
  • For Expedition with Steve Backshall, the show would have the True to Nature logo underneath as well as a Fremantle in-credit notice starting with an IAW phrase. A carbon neutral seal can be seen on the lower left side of the paper.
  • On Flack, the Hat Trick Productions and CASM Films logos appear underneath.
  • David Jason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles has the Shiver logo, complete with a ITV byline, fade in shortly after the UKTV finishes sliding.
  • Traces not only has the BBC Studios logo above like the We Hunt Together variant, but also the Red Production Company logo underneath. The aspect ratio is also in 2.39:1.
  • On Meet the Richardsons, the Second Act Productions logo fades in underneath.
  • There is two extended versions of this logo (which includes a hand folding a map, taking a camera in the bag, cutting a sandwich, a person sits on the director's chair, etc.), as well as its slightly short version.
  • On Emma Willis Delivering Babies, the logo is in warp-speed.

Technique: Live-action footage and 2D animation of the UKTV and other accompanying logo sliding. This logo is made by UKTV Creative.

Music/Sounds: For the opening variant, a rhythmic and fast-paced set of claps accompanied with two held piano notes that ends with a rising bass note. The closing variant has five sounds of a pencil writing as well as five claps synced to the pencil sounds. The last few sounds of this has a rising note that ends with a deep bong.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, the ending theme of the programme plays.
  • The music to some of the co-produced logos may play after this logo's music finishes playing. For instance, in Taskmaster, the Avalon Television's logo theme starts right after the UKTV jingle finishes.
  • The extended and slightly short versions have a piano tune, ending with a deep bong.

Availability: Common. It can be seen on many shows from this period with its earliest appearances including Ross Noble: Off Road and Into the Fire. Taskmaster began using this logo in its 5th series and continued using it until series 9, when it switched networks from Dave, a UKTV channel, to Channel 4. The last show to use this logo was series 1 of Fast Justice.

Legacy: A rather interesting and creative logo, especially when it also shares the screen with other logos.

8th Logo (April 8, 2021-)

Opening Logo: The opening variant is a more abridged version of the previous logo with the clips cutting much faster as well as some other shots omitted entirely such as the one with the casting forms. Between the clips with the camera lens and the keyboard, two more shots are included, which includes:

  • A costume being sewed on a wooden desk with a tape measure, multiple buttons and yarns, and a box full of yarn seen surrounding it.
  • The keyboard of a Mac laptop with the monitor on the top-most portion of the screen. Also seen includes a big notepad with a red pen and two books with one on top reading "GRAND PIANO"

After that, the flat UKTV logo with "Original" and "Production" now on the bottom is seen on a sketchbook page moments after a person is done drawing the logo as it is seen lifting its right hand. A black pencil can be seen on the right portion of the screen.

Closing Logo: Same as the opening variant, but with more clips cut out and the last shot of the sketchbook being closer to the screen. The last shot has the UKTV logo a lot smaller and usually on the top portion of the screen. Like as before, other logos may appear underneath the logo.


  • Annika uses many logos, which includes: Black Camel Pictures, Masterpiece (with a "in co-production with" and "and in association with" notice in between), All3Media International, Screen Scotland, and Lottery Funded disclaimers in a row, and the UK Government and Albert Carbon Neutral Sustainable Protection logos underneath and separated from one another. "This production was made possible by the support of HM Treasury & DCMS' Film and TV Production Restart Scheme" is placed underneath all of the logos and lastly the copyright notice is seen. These notices also fade in a little later than usual.
  • Traces has the UKTV logo share its row with the BBC Studios logo while separated by a vertical line. Underneath both logos are the Red Production Company logo, a notice that reads "Produced by Red Production Company for BBC Studios and UKTV in association with BritBox", the BritBox logo with "By BBC & ITV" underneath, and finally the copyright notice for aforementioned series.

Technique: Same as before.

Music/Sounds: A different jingle with drum beats and claps that ends with a ding. Sound effects are also heard during some tasks such as a notebook opening, a typewriter typing, and a clapperboard clapping. The closing variant uses an abridged version of said jingle. The last few seconds of the ending theme of the show may play while this jingle plays.

Availability: Brand new. It can be seen on newer programs such as Anika and Late Night Mash. Several shows such as Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over and Traces would begin using this logo in their second series.

Legacy: Same as before.

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