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1st Logo (Late 1990s?-Early 2000s)

UGC Cine Cite (Late 1990s-2007).png

Logo: The logo starts with a black background. After a few seconds, some golden stars fly into frame as a curved red background flows up like the oil in a lava lamp, covering the original background. The stars are actually falling, it's revealed, as the background floats all the way up the screen. One of the falling golden stars covers the screen to transition to a painting of blue lines. The camera pans slowly to reveal the painting to be a CGI woman's head, also blue. All of the stars regroup around the woman's head (as if it's supposed to look like she's dizzy) as the logo is superimposed onto the screen. The company's slogan "Le cinéma comme vous l'avez rêvé." ("Cinema as you dreamed it.") is typed in while the woman's head fades into the same red background as earlier. To complete the logo, a circle is drawn around the company's name.

Variant: Spanish ("El cine como lo habías sonado.") and Italian ("Il cinema come l'hai sognato.") versions of the logo have been shown in Spanish and Italian theaters respectively.

Technique: All the CGI effects included in the logo. This was animated using Flame software by Luc Job and Eve Ramboz.

Music/Sounds: A whimsical synth tune, along with a woman singing operatically. After that, a synth drone plays. Composed by Eric "Elvis" Simonet.

Availability: Extinct in theaters. It's unknown when this logo started and stopped being used, but there are camera recordings of it on YouTube dating as late as 2007.

2nd Logo (2002-2011)

Logo: TBA.

Technique: All the animation in this logo, that is somewhat better than the first logo.

Music/Sounds: A piano tune.

Availability: See 1st logo.

3rd Logo (2013-)

UGC Cine Cite (2012-).png


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