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Twofour is a television and digital media group formed in 1989 by former BBC News producer Charles Wace and Christopher Slade. They mainly produce reality, game, and factual programmes. In 2012, they set up a distribution arm named "Twofour Rights" and merged with ITV Studios nine years later. Speaking of ITV, they acquired the company in June 2015.

1st Logo (July 3, 1994-June 4, 1996)

Logo: On a white background, a gray box containing a connected "2" and "4" is seen. An upside down gold triangle is next to the numbers' connected points and the top and right-most sections of the box are blue whereas the bottom most is dark gray. Underneath is the text "A TWO FOUR PRODUCTION" alongside a channel's credit and the copyright notice.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the programme.

Availability: Extinct, was seen on Great Westerners and On the Moor, which are long gone from television and are not available on home media. The latter's last known appearance was on an April 19, 1998 Westcountry rerun.

2nd Logo (October 25, 2002-March 4, 2012)

Logo: On a dimly lit white background, the letters consisting of "twofour", with a gold play button inside the first "o" fly into the screen and form the company name.


  • Sometimes, the logo is still.
  • An in-credit version has the logo contained within a box. Usually, it has no shading.
    • On The City Gardener, the logo alongside additional in-credit text is within a transparent box.
    • On Big Chef Takes on Little Chef, the box is slightly longer.
    • On Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old?, the box has a shadow alongside the Mark Burnett Productions logo.
  • A print version of this logo has the text completely in white.
    • On Noel's HQ, the button is colored the same color in the normal logo.

Technique: The letters flying.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the programme.

Availability: Fairly common, thanks to its appearing on a large out of reality, game, and factual TV shows from this period, including early series of Born to Kill and The Hotel Inspector as well as the revived Noel's Christmas Presents series. Some of them are saved on home media such as streaming sites like Amazon Prime and Tubi.

3rd Logo (July 23, 2012-April 19, 2016)

Logo: On a black background, the text from before zooms out with the play button spinning and sliding to the right, stopping when inside the "O" in "two". The final formation of the logo has the "O" shifted slightly downwards.


  • A distribution variant exists, adding "rights" underneath the company name and "Distributed by" on top of it.
  • On Our School, the text is in the same color as the previous logo.

Technique: Zooming, spinning, and sliding animation.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the programme.

Music/Sounds Variants:

Availability: Uncommon. Can still be seen on many programmes from this period, starting with My Kidney and Me and appeared on episodes of Born to Kill and The Hotel Inspector from the mid-2010's. The distribution variant can be seen on some Born to Kill episodes and Stammer School. It was last seen on series 2 of Our School.

4th Logo (January 26, 2016-)

Logo: A thin gold line emerges, spawning "TWO" and "FOUR" from the right, with both of them flying in opposite directions to form the company name.


  • The distribution variant has "RIGHTS" underneath the company name and "DISTRIBUTED BY" on top.
  • Programmes produced for ITV adds the byline "Part of ITV Studios" under the logo.
  • This logo may sometimes share the screen with other logos.

Technique: The letters flying.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the programme.

Availability: Uncommon. Debuted on The Real Marigold Hotel and was later seen on Beat the Chef, Ibiza Weekender, Impossible Engineering starting with series 2, among many others.

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