Turner Home Entertainment Feature Presentation Bumpers

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Bumper: On a shimmering blue CGI curtain background, we see the words "AND NOW, OUR FEATURE PRESENTATION" in a gold 3D font. The words then shimmer.

Trivia: The shimmering curtain part originated in 1989 as graphics used for promos on the then-new TNT cable network (also owned by Ted Turner); the curtain's color varied depending on the promo (the known colors were blue, red, light yellow, and plaid). The same graphics were also used for the first few years of the European TNT Classic Movies (which later became TCM). They were also reused for the World Premiere Toon-In special (hosted by Space Ghost) simulcast across TBS, TNT and Cartoon Network in 1995 (during the intro as photos of the creators of the World Premiere Toons and the villains were displayed).

Technique: The curtain shimmering, the shimmering of the words.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on feature film releases from Turner Home Entertainment such as The Swan Princess and some of their compilation releases such as Classic Jonny Quest tapes, as well as Columbia TriStar/Castle Rock co-releases on video such as Alaska, Othello, and Forget Paris. It would eventually be followed by Turner's "This film has been modified to fit your screen" and "Closed captioned" screens.

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