Turner Entertainment Colorized Screen

From Audiovisual Identity Database


Bumper: Against a gray background with a magenta curtain draped in front, we see white italicised text reading "This is a colorized version of a film originally marketed and distributed in black and white. It has been altered without the participation of the principal director, screenwriters, and other creators of the original film."

Trivia: This disclaimer was created in accordance with the National Film Preservation Act 1988, passed in response to controversy surrounding the practice of film colorization; at one point, the controversy resulted in Congressional hearings on the matter. (The same law also created the National Film Registry.)

Technique: None, apart from fading effects.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen at the start of many colorized versions of films on VHS releases from MGM/UA Home Video and Turner Home Entertainment. This can be also seen on TV airings of colorized Turner-owned titles, like on RaiPlay.

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