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Logo: On a yellow background, an abstract V design (actually from the Intervision logo) appears zooming, leaving rainbow trails of "V" which merge into one. It then fades out and the yellow background opens like a door (leaving lots of rainbow residue trails) into a black background. The Intervision logo (with both "Inter" and "ision" replaced by "Trio" and "Tara") was there, though the dot above the V wasn't there. Later, the dot appears sliding slowly from the left (again, leaving many rainbow residue trails) to the top of the V. The final product pretty much looks like a modified version of the Intervision logo.

FX/SFX: The V, the opening background, the dots.

Music/Sounds: A majestic royal-sounding theme, ending with a 3-note bombastic sounder.

Availability: Extinct. It issued martial arts films from TVB/ATV such as Kemasukan Setan, animation (both Western and Japanese), Indonesian films, etc.

Editor's Note: Apart from the logo theft from Intervision, it's a typical 80s home video logo.

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