Trefa Video

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Editions by
RarityLand, GoAnimateFan199Pro, and Thisisanswer

1st Logo (1980s)

Logo: On a blue/black gradient background, a green grid scrolls into view. A drawing of a cartoon mouse in ski attire then flies in and swerves around the screen before resting on the left hand side. The orange gradient font "TREFA VIDEO" then comes in at a angle, stacked on each other. The whole logo then zooms and spins away from the screen, leaving the background.

Technique: The grid, mouse, and text coming in, the logo zooming away.

Music/Sounds: A group of children cheering, followed by a little guitar tune. It then ends with a weird rising sound.

Availability: Very rare. Seen on Swedish children's tapes.

2nd Logo (1980s)

Logo: On a zooming space background, a square grows and reveals a new logo zooming up to the screen. The logo is consisted of a cornflower blue box and a white rectangle in the bottom section, containing an white italic "T", along with a spread of it in red, yellow, green, and blue respectively. Above it is "TREFA" in a tall Elephant font, and "VIDEO" in a thin serif font stretched out to fit the former word. The logo then reverses.

Technique: The logo irising and zooming in, the reversed animation.

Music/Sounds: Same as before.

Availability: Rare. Seen on Swedish VHS prints of Snorks, M.A.S.K., The Get Along Gang, and Care Bears.

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