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Background: Founded in 1996 and based in Barcelona, Track Media is an independent media distributor. It's apparently a sister company of Llamentol, as they share the same catalog (Track Media's being slightly larger). Euromedia is just a subsidiary of Trackmedia, founded in 1997. For further info, check:

Track Media


Logo: On a black background, some orange light streaks move quickly while zooming in, gradually revealing themselves to be rotating white letters which read "TRACK MEDiA" in Bank Gothic font. An identical set of letters in orange quickly flashes, zooms in and fades out. Then an orange ball of light comes from the left and touches the dot of the "i", instantly exploding and turning the dot and the word TRACK red. The finished logo shines.

Technique: Good CGI for the time.

Music/Sounds: Some eerie whooshing sounds.

Availability: Very common. Can be found fairly easily in Spanish DVDs.



Logo: On a navy blue background, an orange line appears in the middle and starts expanding upwards and downwards. The whole thing then zooms in on a white background to reveal itself to be an abstract TV screen-shaped, eye-like form (with eyelashes that make it look like a sun as well). The form shines, and then a huge dot, resembling an iris, fades in in the center. The logo then pans backwards and zooms in to the left side of the screen. The words "euro" and "media" come sliding from the right while a blue streak slides from the left. Then "visión" (in white and in Mistral font) slides into the streak to form the finished logo.

Technique: Very simple CGI.

Music/Sounds: A PS2 startup screen-like sound for the forming of the logo, an electric piano note for the iris and some whooshing sounds for the backwards movement and the streaks.

Availability: See Track Media's logo.

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