Topstone Productions

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Paperking99, Henrynguye5, TheRealMarcel2000‎ ‎

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(October 24, 1994-October 28, 1996)

Topstone Productions.jpg

Logo: Over a gray stone background, we see carvings of four abstract human figures. "TOPSTONE" is below ("T" and "E" are taller than the other letters), and below that is "PRODUCTIONS", both are in the Times New Roman font.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Some scrapes combined with a flute rendition of the first few notes of the Allegra's Window theme song plays while chanting noises are heard. The music trails into the Jumbo Pictures logo.

Availability: Scarce. Can be seen on Allegra's Window and its VHS releases, as well as on the Prime Video and Paramount+ prints.

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