Toon Disney On Demand

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Logo: On a red and white background, usually seen on Toon Disney's bumpers during the era, a red circle with a play button symbol in the center appears from the left side of the screen bouncing. A curved rectangle starts to appear with "N DEMAND" in red and then a blue-outlined circle with Toon Disney's logo at the time (a Mickey Mouse head exactly like the one in the Disney Channel logo but red with a black outline and "TOON" in a cartoony font with eyes as the "O"s and "DiSNEY" in its signature font) appears and the red circle settles on the rectangle next to the "N". The two "O"s in "TOON" blink.

Technique: The red circle bouncing and the rectangle circle with the Toon Disney logo appearing, and the "O"s blinking. Designed by GrapeVine Productions.

Music/Sounds: The jingle that Toon Disney used between 2004 and its end in 2009, which is a cartoonish orchestra with horns at the end.

Availability: Extinct. It was seen on programs Toon Disney had to offer during the era, and now it's impossible to find since its relaunch as Disney XD.

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