Tomorrow Entertainment (1990s)

From Audiovisual Identity Database

Not to be confused with the original Tomorrow Entertainment.



  • Opening: We see a "T" on a silver ball. The "T" moves to the top of the ball to form "TOMORROW" with its laser. Then it moves to the bottom to form "ENTERTAINMENT" the same way. The laser then moves back into the ball and the "T" becomes gold.
  • Closing: After the end disclaimer flashes out, an all-white version of the ball flashes in with a white shadow around it. "TOMORROW ENTERTAINMENT" is above the ball, and a copyright notice is below it.

Technique: The "T" moving and the letters forming.

Music/Sounds: A phasing laser sound effect accompanied by a soothing piano theme.

Availability: Seen on the award-winning comedy short Food for Thought.

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