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Descriptions by
WizardDuck, Shadeed A. Kelly and Ninh Nguyen

Captures by
Eric S. and Ninh Nguyen


Tollin/Robbins Productions was a film and television production company founded by Mike Tollin and Brian Robbins, the latter probably best known for his role as Eric Mardian in the 1980s TV series Head of the Class. Joe Davola was also an unofficial partner in the company and had co-produced many of the company's productions along with Robbins and Tollin since 2000. Despite his involvement with the company, the production firm's name remained until its closure in 2013. Robbins would eventually become the head of Paramount Pictures in September 2021.

Tollin/Robbins Productions

(April 16, 1994-April 4, 2012)

Logo: On a black background, we see the green-camouflage colored letters "TRP" unfolding. The text "Tollin/Robbins Productions" in the same colors reveals itself below. The first letter of each word matches the "TRP" logo.

Variant: An in-credit variant exists.

Technique: The unfolding letters. Sometimes, it's still.

Music/Sounds: Originally, it was a line from a character from the preceding show:

  • All That:
    • Season 1-5: Kenan Thompson as Mavis: "Hey Clavis! Wake up! The show is over." Kel Mitchell as Clavis: "Oh yeah, kick it!"
    • Season 7: Bryan Hearne as Zigfried the Cab Driver: "Dorn quiet! Jerk."
    • Season 8: Jack DeSena as Randy Quench: Volunteer Fireman: "Here comes me!"
    • Season 9: Jamie Lynn Spears as Thelma Stump: "Bacon good!"
    • Season 10: A random quote from the specific episode (e.g. the Zortogs says "MEAAAAAAT!!!", Chelsea Brummet says "Good thing you have a such girly hair!")
    • All That 10th Anniversary Special: Kenan Thompson as Lester Oaks, Construction Worker: "Crunch bunny!!"
  • Kenan & Kel: Kenan Rockmore, played by Kenan Thompson: "WHYYYYYYYYY??!!!!"
  • Cousin Skeeter: Skeeter, played by Bill Bellamy: "I'm okay! I'm oh-kay."
  • The Amanda Show: Penelope Taynt, played by Amanda Bynes: "Amanda, please!"
    • On at least one episode, Penelope is heard yelling "WHEEEEERE'S AMANDA?!" instead.
    • Another episode had Moody's mom, played by Maureen McCormick yelling "MOODY!!"
  • The Nick Cannon Show: Nick Cannon says "We taking over."

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • From October 16, 2001 to March 24, 2006, it was completely silent.
  • On Smallville starting with the season 1 episode "Crush", Birds of Prey, and One Tree Hill, a quiet string stinger was heard.
  • Sometimes, it's the ending of the show's theme song, like in The Bronx is Burning.
  • NBC, ABC and The WB (later The CW) airings used their respective generic themes.
  • On episode 4 of Birds with Prey, the 1994 Warner Bros. Television music comes slightly early, which causes part of the logo to play with the music.

Availability: Common. The music variant appears on Smallville (although the silent variant was used on the first season), Birds of Prey, and One Tree Hill. The older versions are currently seen on Kenan & Kel, The Amanda Show, and All That on DVD and iTunes. The still version appeared on Arli$$ on its compilation DVD release. The All That variant made a surprise appearance on The Amanda Show during a March 2002 airing on SNICK. The silent variant also appears on season 6 of All That (mostly due to Thompson & Mitchell's departure from the show) and What I Like About You.



In 1998, the company was purchased by sports management firm The Marquee Group. The company operated for a few years under their ownership before becoming independent again around 2003.



Logo: Against a black background, we see three letters: "M" (in silver) above and "T", and "R" (both in blue) below all in the same font as the TRP logo zooming-out slowly and placing themselves in the center. Then, "arquee", "ollin/", and "obbins" in the same respective color as their respective letters appear.

Technique: The zoom-out letters.

Music/Sounds: Silent or the end theme plays.

Availability: Extinct. It appeared on some (if not all) final season episodes of The Amanda Show, as well as Cousin Skeeter, and later seasons of All That and Arli$$. It has since been plastered over with the first logo. It was also seen on some episodes of Nickelodeon Sports Theater with Shaquille O'Neal.

Tollin Productions

(November 10, 2012-January 19, 2013, November 23-December 21, 2021)

Tollin Productions (2012).jpg

Logo: On a blue old-film background, we see the words "Tollin" writing. The words "PRODUCTIONS" fades in after.

Variant: On Klutch Academy, the logo is slowed down and ends early before "PRODUCTIONS" fades in.

Technique: The word "Tollin" writing, the fade in, and the old film effects.

Music/Sounds: None or the closing theme.

Availability: Originally seen on the Wedding Band on TBS, and was later revived for Klutch Academy on BET.

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