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Tohokushinsha Home Video was a home entertainment division of Tohokushinsha Film Corporation.


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Logo: A flash occurs. Immediately afterward, a fluorescent blue outline is seen. The outline becomes a shape that gradually zooms out and rotates; as this happens, the blue lines turn red. Soon after, the lines form the Tohokushinsha emblem (an asterisk with an arrow pointing in the northeast direction). The red lines become gold, and this finished object shines. The object flies inward, becomes a more stylized neon yellow, and settles for a bit, but then causes another flash. A white chyron trail forms, which is made out to be the words:


The trail hits the center of the screen, another flash occurs, and the words become yellow. The logo shines.

Technique: CGI and backlit animation.

Music/Sounds: A synth twinkle, followed by a peaceful synth chord that becomes a rather bombastic eight-note synth theme.

Availability: Common in Japan; can be found on videotapes of films and TV shows licensed by the company. In America, on the other hand, it can be found on US DVDs of Appleseed (the 1988 version) and Assemble: Insert.

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