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Toei Central Film (東映セントラルフィルム) was a Toei subsidiary active between 1977 and 1988. It mostly released independently-produced pink films, but also produced some of its own, as well as several action and drama films and at least one anime film.


Logo: A light blue "T" moves toward the camera and comes to a stop in the center of the screen, followed by a white "C" and a light blue "F". The words "東映セントラルフィルム 提供" ("Toei Central Film presents") wipe in below. The logo and the text then fade back into the background, which is either dark blue or black.

Variant: An English version of the logo with a dark blue background exists, where the words "TOEI CENTRAL FILM" wipe in below the logo instead.

Technique: Simple animation.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Somewhat common. The blue Japanese version precedes Yokohama BJ Blues (1981), A Pool Without Water (Mizu no nai puru) (1982) and the 1983 Yokoyama Hiroto Production version of Manji, among others, and the black Yasuo Furuhata's 1985 film Time of Wickedness (Ma no toki), while the English variant can be seen before the 1981 animated release Space Warrior Baldios, adapted from the TV series of the same name.

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