Toca Boca AB

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Captain Ace

(2010- )

Toca Boca logo.jpg

Logo: On a white background, we see dots, which are eyes. A mouth opens, looking surprised, with blue and green teeth. Then, it disappears as the eyes and mouth opens again, revealing yellow, blue, green and pink teeth, and it smiles. Below the face, "TOCA BOCA" fades in. The eyes close and the teeth wobble, one by one. Then, the face turns into something related to the game.

Variants: Click here.

Technique: Animation by Pixelpen, the eyes opening, the mouth opening, the fading, the changing.

Music/Sounds: A happy tune, with a questioned gasp sound when the mouth opens first, then a childish voice saying "Toca Boca!", pop sounds as the teeth wobble and an extra finishing note, followed by the sounds of what it becomes.

Availability: Seen on all the Toca games.

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