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Tisch/Avnet Productions was the production company of Steve Tisch (his first production company, with the others being The Steve Tisch Company and Escape Artists) and Jon Avnet. After the company closed in 1987, Fries Entertainment, who were sold the distribution rights to three of Tisch/Avnet's films (including The Burning Bed and Calendar Girl Murders) back in 1984, featured those films in their "Fries Frame" syndication packages and sublicensed them to Starmaker Entertainment for VHS releases; the rights to these films now rest at MGM by way of Epic Productions. The rest of the library is now at Multicom Entertainment Group, through their purchase of most of the ACI library from FremantleMedia in the 2010s.

(March 24, 1979-March 16, 1987)

Logo: On a black background, the white words "TISCH" and "AVNET" slide in from the left and right of the screen respectively and meet in the middle. A "/" appears and separates the words. Then "Television Inc." appears below. The logo flashes, and "TISCH" turns red and "AVNET" turns blue.


  • Later on, the logo changed to read "TISCH/AVNET Productions, Inc.". Also the wording became a bit thicker.
  • There was an earlier version in which the words "A" and "Production" appeared on top and below the company's name respectively.

Technique: The words sliding in, the flashing, the color changes.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the program.

Availability: Uncommon, can be seen on the TV movies Homeward Bound, Something So Right, Call to Glory and The Burning Bed. With regards for the earlier version, that can be found on Tisch and Avnet's very first film, No Other Love, which hadn't been seen to the public for a very long time.

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