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1st Logo (1990s)

Tihama (v1).png

Logo: Over a black background a large spiral spins out with the blue Arabic text above and "TIHAMA" below. All the elements then place into the center.

Technique: 3D CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A synth brass theme.

Availability: Seen on most VHS tapes by the company.

2nd Logo (Mid 1990s)

Logo: We see the Tihama logo over a white background, with a slight shadow behind. We then fade and navigate into a museum-style room over space with pillars where we see screencaps of multiple live-action productions, cartoons and anime distributed by the company with red Arabic text on them below. The screen then fades again to the Tihama logo.

Technique: 3D CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A majestic orchestral fanfare with horse neighs and galloping sounds.

Availability: Seen on VHS tapes by the company during the time frame.

3rd Logo (2000s)

Tihama (v3).png

Logo: Over a dark blue background, a bunch of lights spiral in and merge into the bottom-right position as a flash brings up a squiggly line. We move up through the line as it curls up and a green, mountainous land with smoke above is shown. We navigate through the line as it moves down into the land, and later everything changes into a dark blue background, revealing a spiral which zooms out into the center. A flash then occurs, bringing up a white background with the Tihama logo as described before. Then the logo quickly fades into blue Arabic text (most certainly their phone numbers).

Technique: 3D CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: Same as before.

Availability: Seen on distributed VCD/DVD discs by the company.

4th Logo (2000s)

Tihama (v4, P1).png

Logo: TBA

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A stock theme with an Arabic announcer.

Availability: Unknown, possibly seen at the end of their distributed discs.

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