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Michael Kenchington


Tiger Television was a British television production company that was formed in 1988 by Peter Bennett-Jones. It was particularly known for its sitcoms (most notably Mr. Bean), though it also specialised in shows from other genres. It was later merged with Aspect Film & Television to form Tiger Aspect Productions in 1993.

(December 1, 1989-April 25, 1994)

Logo: On an orange marble background is a box with blue tiger stripes. Below it is the stacked text "A TIGER TELEVISION PRODUCTION" or "TIGER TELEVISION PRODUCTION", and below that is the copyright and network info. The pattern of the tiger stripes changes differently throughout the duration of the logo.


  • On the Mr. Bean episodes "Mr. Bean in Room 426", "Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean", and "Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean", an in-credit notice for Thames and Central Independent Television is shown.
  • Sometimes, the logo zooms out to reveal it was in a box with copyright info shown below.
  • On the obscure BBC show Funny Business, this logo shares the screen with the 1988 BBC logo.

Technique: Fading effects.

Music/Sounds: Usually none or the closing theme of the series, though sometimes, the sound of a tiger growling is heard.

Availability: Rare.

  • It might be replaced with the Tiger Aspect Productions logo on current prints of shows, but this can be found on VHS and DVD releases of the short-lived series Mr. Bean.
  • It was also seen on other shows, such as Rowan Atkinson Live, as well as the obscure BBC show Funny Business and The Movie Life of George, respectively.
  • The version with the in-credit notice for Thames and Central was also seen on a December 8, 1997 rerun of the Mr. Bean episode "Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean", which is then followed by the 1997 Central endcap.
Tiger Television
Tiger Aspect Productions
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