Thunderbird Films (Italy)

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Note: Not to be confused with the American company.

(March 30, 1962)

Thunderbird Films (1962).jpg

Logo: We see a bunch of lightning against a blue background. The lightning calms down, as a red thunderbolt abruptly appears at the middle. A splitscreen effect occurs, revealing a blue thunderbird symbol against a yellow background. The thunderbird symbol zooms in and as it stops, 2 sets of red text appear between the thunderbird symbol. The first set of text at the top reads "A THUNDERBIRD FILMS" and the second set of text at the bottom reads "RELEASE".

Trivia: The thunderbird symbol according to Native-American culture represents power, protection, and strength. It is often seen as the most powerful of all spirits and can also transform into human form by opening his head up like a mask and taking his feathers off as if they were a mere blanket.

Technique: Cel animation.

Music/Sounds: The sound of thunder, a cymbal crash when the red thunderbult appears, and it ends with an orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Ultra rare. This was seen on an Italian documentary film Mondo Cane.

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