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ThrillerVideo was a horror home video series that began being released in February 1985 by U.S.A. Home Video and International Video Entertainment (I.V.E.). They mainly released titles hosted by Elvira Mistress of the Dark, among other horror/exploitation titles.

(February 1985-1986)

Logo: We can see a plaque on which appears a skull placed symmetrically. To the left and right are scroll-shaped decorations. Below is the phrase "ThrillerVideo" in a fancy font. All seems to be made in stone, which actually could be a clay model.

Variant: On some releases, we zoom out of this logo, which is revealed we are on Elvira's show set, and Elvira herself starts the feature.

Technique: It's just a model.

Music/Sounds: Either the Elvira music or on regular releases, the same music from Sybil Danning's Adventure Video, which in turn was sourced from Killing Machine (AKA: Goma-2), released as part of the latter connection.

Availability: Found on tapes from the home video series, which themselves can be pretty rare.

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