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The Tornante Company is an entertainment investment firm owned by Michael Eisner. Some of their most notable supported companies include Topps Entertainment, and Vuguru. The company owns Tornate Television, which was created mainly to oversee their purchase and co-management of infamous syndication company Sinclair, but has supported a few original TV shows. Their first show, through the eventually folded Torante Animation, was the stop-motion Glenn Martin DDS, an almost universally disliked/ignored bomb and one of only two original adult cartoons to air on Nick at Nite. Their most notable original show is Bojack Horseman, a much more popular and longer lasting Netflix adult cartoon.

Tornante Animation

(August 7, 2009-November 7, 2011)

Logo: On a white background with gradient, the words "TORNANTE ANIMATION" slowly zoom out. Behind them, Michael Eisner's signature writes itself with a "pixie dust" sort of effect. The signature reflects off of the floor.

Technique: the name zooming out, the signature.

Music/Sounds: The end theme of the show.

Availability: Only seen on Glenn Martin, DDS.

Legacy: Bizarrely, Bojack Horseman does not use the logo, presumably either the animation division was folded back (most likely due to Glenn's failure) between 2011 and 2014 or they play less of an active role in said show.

The Tornante Company

1st Logo (August 22, 2014-)

Logo: Similar in concept to the last. However, it starts with the signature writing in (not done with sparkles this time) first and the name second, all the text is much more zoomed in, and the gradient and shadow are dialed down.

Technique: Same as the Tornante Animation logo.

Music/Sounds: None.

Music/Sounds Variant: On the second season of Tuca & Bertie, the first-half of the Brave Dummy theme plays over it.

Availability: Can be seen on Bojack Horseman and Tuca & Bertie.

2nd Logo (September 22, 2014-May 21, 2018)

Logo: On a solid white background, "The Tornante Company" in signature font writes itself in ala Eisner's signiture in the past two logos. It flips down and the uppercase company name from the second logo flips up.

Technique: The signature, the words flipping.

Music/Sounds: A six-note somber piano tune, the last note of which corresponds to the flipping up text.

Availability: Seen on Judge Faith.

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