The Rosenzweig Company

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The Rosenzweig Company is a former production company founded by Barney Rosenzweig in 1985. Some of The Rosenzweig Company's best known works is Fortune Dane (the first production by The Rosenzweig Company), Christy, The Trials of Rose O'Neill, and the 1996 TV film Cagney and Lacey: True Convictions. In 1990, most of The Rosenzweig Company's shows were co-produced with MTM Enterprises.

(February 15, 1986-January 29, 1996?)

Logo: The logo flashing in on either a blue or maroon background.

Variant: A variant with a blue background exists from the mid 80s.

Technique: The company names fading in, the flashing, and pattern in the background appearing.

Music/Sounds: Theme is played on a piano. On Christy, the end theme is used on some episodes along with the MTM Enterprises logo.

Availability: Common during it's time, still retained on most recent prints of shows, most notably The Trials of Rose O'Neill and Christy.

  • First used on the short-lived TV series Fortune Dane airing on February 15, 1986, and was possibly last seen on the 1996 TV film Cagney and Lacey: True Convictions airing on January 29, 1996.
  • Retained on Multicom Entertainment Group and Amazon Prime prints of The Trials of Rose O'Neill.
  • Retained on Christy VHS tapes from MTM Home Video.
  • It is retained on Christy: The Complete Series DVD, released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.
  • Most of The Rosenzweig Company's best known work is co-produced with MTM Enterprises.
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