The Komack Company

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Not to be confused with the new television company of the same name.


The Komack Company was a production company founded and owned by James Komack, creating shows such as Chico and the Man and Welcome Back, Kotter.

(September 13, 1974-June 8, 1979)

Logo: Superimposed on the end credits of shows like Chico and the Man and Welcome Back, Kotter, would be this text:

A Production of

An "and" is seen either under the company's name or over the Wolper Productions name, which precedes this.

Variant: In the first season of Welcome Back, Kotter and the second season of Chico and the Man, the "O" in "KOMACK" is in the shape of James Komack's hairstyle and mustache. The logo was designed by Sandy Dvore.

Technique: None. It's superimposed.

Music/Sounds: Plays over the end theme.

Availability: Only seen on Chico and the Man and Welcome Back, Kotter.

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