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The Comedy Channel was the first all-comedy channel ever made. On April 1, 1991, it merged with "Ha!" to become CTV: The Comedy Network, and later Comedy Central.

(November 15, 1989-April 1, 1991)

Logo: Over a black background, we see the words "A Presentation Of" and The Comedy Channel's logo (a red-outlined "C" with the word "COMEDY" in red on top, "THE" in the middle left of the "C" in a smaller font, and "CHANNEL" at the bottom) next to it.


  • A version without "A Presentation Of" exists.
  • On The Higgins Boys and Gruber, we see the "C" on a white background at a 90 degree angle. It tilts upright as the text inside slides in. "Presentation" fades in below in black.

Technique: None, save for the rotating and the text appearing in the variant.

Music/Sounds: None. The variant features an announcer saying "This has been a Comedy Channel presentation."

Availability: Very rare.

  • It was used on episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 from the Comedy Channel era, very few of which have been released on DVD. Newer prints of Season 1 and 2 episodes have this logo blacked out, replaced with the 1991 Comedy Central logo, or cut off entirely.
  • It also appeared on The Higgins Boys and Gruber and Your Times May Vary.
The Comedy Channel Originals
CTV: The Comedy Network
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