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Logo capture by Logophile

Background: The Bitmap Brothers are a UK based video game developer founded in 1987. The company entered the industry in 1988 with the scrolling shooter Xenon. They quickly followed with Speedball. Prior to becoming the publisher of their own games, early Bitmap Brothers titles were distributed by Image Works and Konami.

(November 1988-2006)

Logo: The basic concept is the square with horizontal strips with the silhouette of the hand embossed on, and the black rectangle with "The BITMAP BROTHERS" with "The" in the italic serif font inside the small white rectangle, connected to the bottom of the square. Sometimes with the copyright date below.


  • Z (PC): The entire logo is about to be shot off the screen by General Zod, whose taking a step and blowing the smoke from the gun, and we fade to white.
  • Z: Steel Soldiers: Two metallic apparatus come from horizontal sides of the screen and mold the vertical rectangle from hot iron. After they leave, the rectangle cools down and gains the print logo.

Technique: None, but animated on variants.

Music/Sounds: Mainly none, or depending on the variant:

  • Z (PC): A sound of footsteps and the sound of the gun cocking, followed by rapid-fire series of gunshot and ricocheting sounds accompanied by the tense theme, when the part of the logo breaks down, a wood squeaking noise followed by a swoosh, and the synthesized orchestral hit with the synth bass held until the end of the logo, followed by the sound of blowing when Zod blows the smoke from the gun.

Availability: Seen on all games produced by the company, starting with Klashball (1988).

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