The Archers

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Captures by
Eric S., Henrynguye5, and Minako Arisato

Editions by
Minako Arisato and Henrynguye5

Video captures courtesy of
Peakpasta, LogicSmash, Jordan Rios, and others

The Archers

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger Productions

Michael Powell Productions


(April 7, 1960)  
(April 7, 1960)

The Archers

1st Logo (March 15, 1943-1944?)

Logo: We zoom out to see a target, probably a bullseye. Then one by one we see the words "A PRODUCTION of THE Archers" appear, word by word. A line is in the middle of the "A" to represent an arrow, without a broadhead.

Variant: On The Silver Fleet, the logo is in black and white and the name of the company fades into "Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger Present".

Technique: Zooming effects.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the film.

Availability: Rare, seen on The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp.

2nd Logo (August 21, 1944-1951?)

Logo: We see a close-up of a bullseye. Then we zoom back to see the full target with some arrows on it. An arrow then shoots onto the bullseye and the white text "A PRODUCTION OF THE ARCHERS" fades in.


  • Sometimes the logo is in black and white.
  • Sometimes the logo starts with "A PRODUCTION OF THE ARCHERS" fades in. Then it fades into "MICHAEL POWELL & EMERIC PRESSBURGER PRESENT", while an arrow shoots normally.
  • On A Matter of Life and Death, continuing from The Rank Organisation logo, it starts in black and white, but after the arrow shoots onto the bullseye, it turns to colour. In addition, the two words "LONDON" and "ENGLAND" appear above "A PRODUCTION OF THE ARCHERS".

Technique: Mostly live action.

Music/Sounds: A sound of an arrow shooting at the target.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes the opening theme of the movie is used.
  • On The Small Back Room, the London Films bell sound can be heard along with a sound from an arrow.

Availability: Seen on films from the era. Sometimes followed by the next logo (in same bullseye).

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger Productions

(August 21, 1944-March 4, 1957)

Logo: Same as before, only the text "MICHAEL POWELL & EMERIC PRESSBURGER PRESENT" fades in instead.

Variant: The text "A" and "PRODUCTION" above and below fades in instead of "PRESENT". Some films however, used the J. Arthur Rank byline.

Technique: Same as before.

Music/Sounds: Same as before.

Availability: Seen on The Battle of River Plate among other films.

Legacy: Same as before.

2nd Logo (November 18, 1955)

Powell and Pressburger (The Archers) 2.jpg

Logo: On a viridian background we see the same target from before. The text "A MICHAEL POWELL AND EMERIC PRESSBURGER PRODUCTION" appear after the bullseye is shot.

Technique: Similar to before.

Music/Sounds: The noise of the arrow followed by a brief fanfare.

Availability: It was only seen on Oh... Rosalinda!.

Michael Powell Productions

1st Logo (April 7, 1960)

Michael Powell Productions (The Archers) (April 7, 1960).png

Logo: Same as the previous logos only the italic white text "A Michael Powell Production" pops in.

Technique: Same as the previous logos.

Music/Sounds: A slightly different arrow soundbite.

Availability: Seen on Peeping Tom.

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