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Background: Terror Vision was created by Warner Home Video in the 1990s to release classic horror movies from Warner Bros. in the UK on VHS.


Logo: There are 2 different versions of this logo. On a black screen, we fade in on what appears to be a close-up of a guy's right eye in black and white along with a slideshow of strange fish-eyed images inside the eye with all the images in the eye such as: a dark blue-tinted image of a woman's face, an image of what appears to be an explosion of some sort, a red tint image of a man's face (possibly a psycho), etc., while the eye all of the sudden zooms out to reveal itself to be an image of a face that seems to be cropped only showing the person's pair of two eyes while also revealing to have a red outlined border around the cropped image and a red/black gradient background behind it. Then after it stops zooming out, the white text "TERROR VISION" fades in from the top of the red outlined border outside. Then the entire logo fades out.

Variant: An extended, alternate version exists where it gives a more close-up of the strange image slideshow expect there are some different images in it such as the clown "IT", a man in a somewhat opened eye/surprised expression, an image of an stitched eye, an old man (possibly a mad scientist/professor), and following all the images from the previous version. While everyone else in sight in this version seems to be same as the previous one above.

Technique: The zooming out of the eyes along with the strange fish-eyed images inside the right eye and the logo text fading in.

Music/Sounds: Throughout the entire logo, we can hear a creepy ambiance choir while hearing a voice of a man saying the words "Are you ready to live in fear?" "Are you ready to enjoy....Terror Vision" then a woman's scream can heard at the end of the logo. For the alternate version, a more terrifying and louder ambiance choir can be heard along with the man's voice now more terrifying and is also reverb, also the part where the man says "Are you ready to enjoy..." has been omitted and instead the second line says "with Terror Vision". The scream from the very end is also omitted too. A heartbeat can also be heard throughout the logo.

Availability: Seen on Warner Home Video's Terror Vision series tapes from around that period.

Legacy: The Regular Variant Could be unnerving to first time viewers, but this is intentional because this was a horror company. But it does get you ready for the film or show coming up. The Extended version is just a little less scary, plus added imagery.

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