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Televisão Regional de Loures (also known as TRL) is a pirate television network. Their lineup consists of weather reports, sports and cultural news, and on-call pharmacies in Lisbon. Their most popular was an interview series which featured guests such as Herman José, Vicente, and António Sala as well as a Odivelas-based variety program. At one point, they were taken to court by RTP and other official services, but this case ended up becoming shelved.


Logo: We start off with the 1980 BBC Video logo. Just before the "V"'s trail zooms into the letter, the screen freezes and then the following text pops up:

Televisão Regional
de Loures

After several seconds, the screen cuts to various aerial footage of Lisbon, some of which shows the inside of a helicopter. Then, the screen freezes again to display this message:

No inicio de
mais um periodo
de programação
a T.R.L.
sauda-vos com

This roughly translates to "At the beginning of another programming period, T.R.L. greets you with friendship". A few moments later, the screen cuts to a gold background containing a stylized, striped "TRL" with a hole through the former letter. Against a semicircle outline with three intersecting lines, "TELEVISÃO REGIONAL DE LOURES" is arced over it and "AO SERVICO DO CONCELHO" is underneath.

Variant: On closedowns, the two sequences from the beginning and end of the logo are swapped with the text "Fim de Emissão" appearing underneath the logo. Then, most of the aerial footage from the normal variant is seen before fading to a blue background reading "A Nossa programação terminou por agora. Seguem-se initerruptamente as "Informações TRL".". The background radially wipes to black and the screen cuts to the logo sequence featuring the BBC Video logo.

Technique: The BBC Video animation, the text and logo appearing, and live-action for the aerial footage.

Music/Sounds: The last 90 seconds of "Purple Rain" by London Symphony Orchestra.

Availability: Extinct; was used as both a sign-on and sign-off bumper.

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