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Telecapri is a leading generalist local broadcaster in Southern Italy founded in 1977 by brothers Costantino and Claudio Federico. It has an independent program based mainly on classic and arthouse films, Neapolitan and Italian comedies, entertainment programs and cartoons.

1st Logo (1984-Late 1980's?)

Telecapri (1984).png

Logo: On a black background, we see a slanted white disc with a hole in the center, laying on the bottom right corner. The planet Earth the proceeds to come out of the disc, as a star flies to the center of the screen. A ring like object then collides with the star, causing a red flash to explode. Then, the logo for the company, which is the text "Telecapri" and mountains, with its reflection below it, comes out of the explosion. The logo then zooms in, as a new star twinkles where the old one was, as the scene zooms in to it's black background.

Technique: Typical 1980's animation.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic rising orchestral note, followed by an orchestral hit and announcer saying "Queste è Telecapri".

Availability: Extinct.

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