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Captures by
FtosorciM and Tabit

Channel 2 (Havana, 1962-1979)



Logo: In a grey background, the animated channel's logo (which would resemble the one later used by Radio Havana Cuba) would zoom out, and after the logo stops zooming out, the animation continues, and a black text saying "TV cubana" (cuban TV) appears below the logo.

Technique: Cel animation.

Music/Sounds: Some Cuban music, with a narrator saying "Televisión Cubana; canal 2 desde La Habana; Cuba, territorio libre en América" (Cuban Television; channel 2 from Havana; Cuba, free territory in Americas)

Availability: Near extinction.

Final Note: In 1979, Tele Rebelde from Santiago de Cuba and Channel 2 in Havana were merged into a unified brand, the new network retained most of the programming and the name of the Santiago de Cuba station while also opening a new studio facility. However, the use of this logo seems to be extended until early-1980s (likely until 1984), as it appears in a Cuban B&W test card recording from 1984.

Tele Rebelde

1st Logo (1968-19??)


Logo: In a light grey background, in the channel's logo there are 3 bars/lines of different shades of grey pointing to a outlined star, and below the star there is an outlined text saying "TV", and in the upper-right side of it there's an smaller text saying "CUBANA".

Trivia: The footage used there was probably recorded during/after 1979, due to the announcer mentioning Tele Rebelde's new studios facility outside Santiago de Cuba.

Technique: Static/slide.

Music/Sounds: Some Cuban music, with a narrator saying "Tele Rebelde, canal de la televisión cubana, desde sus estudios en La Habana, Santiago de Cuba y Holguín. Cuba, territorio libre en América." (Tele Rebelde, channel of the Cuban television, from it studios in Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Holguín. Cuba, free territory in Americas.)

Availability: Near extinction.

2nd Logo (2002?-2008)

Tele Rebelde (c 2002-2008).png

Logo: TBA

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Extinct on TV.

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